Chael Sonnen on Anderson Silva: I'll Slap Him and Dump a Coke on Him

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Chael Sonnen continues to pull out every trick in the book in attempts of getting Anderson Silva to agree to fight him Super Bowl weekend in early 2012.

Sonnen took it a step further when he was live on the Jim Rome Show (video above) and addressed his current dilemma with Silva.

"I'm not going to quit picking a fight with him and I'm not sorry for any of it," Sonnen stated.

In shock, Rome fired back with several questions for Sonnen:

"You're picking a fight with this guy? You're calling this guy out? Will you get him to fight you? Will he accept?"

It didn't take Sonnen long to turn the question back around on Silva.

"Is he going to take the fight? No," Sonnen said. "Is Dana (White) going to make him take the fight? Yes, absolutely. Dana picks the fights—not Anderson."

This isn't the first time Sonnen has called out Silva on national television. Following his victory over Brian Stann at UFC 136, Sonnen was quick to address Silva and challenge him to a "loser leaves town" fight.

Rome questioned Sonnen to what he would have done if Silva would have done this to him.

"I would come over the guard rail," Sonnen said. "I would have walked up those little steps. I would have gotten in the Octagon, and taken the microphone out of his hand, and shoved it straight down his throat."

A bit harsh.

While Sonnen was quick to address his much-desired rematch with Silva, he wasn't so fast to discuss his lost to Silva at UFC 117.

When Rome attempted to question being submitted in the fifth and final round of action against Silva the first time around, Sonnen quickly changed the subject and laughed.

Sonnen one-upped himself when Rome asked if there was anything left he could do to get Silva to fight him.

Sonnen's response? "I'll slap Anderson the next time I see him."

"That might be the only way to get it done," Rome stated. "You have to throw a drink in his face; you've got to slap him in the face—you have to do something like that."

Sonnen cheerfully agreed:

"I don't know what to do—I was going to dump a Coke on him one time. He was right next to me one time and the waitress just brought me a Coke. If I thought he was worth a buck-fifty. I would have done it."

If for some reason White doesn't have these two squaring off, a slap in the face and a dumped Coke just might be enough.

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