BCS Fails Again in 2008-09

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IDecember 7, 2008

The BCS results are in, and who would have guessed, it has failed again!  How Oklahoma and Florida made it to the BCS Championship Game is beyond me.

The argument is made every season. Should there be a playoff system created for NCAA Div. I Football, and join pretty much every other NCAA sport with that type of system, or should we stick with the current BCS format?

Every season the answer is the same, get rid of the piece of garbage that is the BCS, and implement a playoff system. This BCS Championship game is tainted in every sense of the word.

First, let me address Florida, the biggest joke of the BCS this season.  Florida lost one game this season, and unlike Oklahoma, it wasn't to a team who is worth a damn.

Florida lost at home, against Ole Miss, a team never meant to have a chance, and a team that was unranked at the time.  How on Earth does that qualify a team to play for the National Championship?

I don't care if they finished strong, I don't care if the loss was early, they lost to an unranked team at home!  So, we have now disqualified the undeserving, overrated, and completely over-hyped Gators.

Now to their opponents.  The Sooners have some argument to say they belong because they won the Big 12.  But, that argument is completely useless against the exact, and equal, argument from Texas and Texas Tech.  All three teams had a single loss, and it was all against one another!

Regardless of scores, each team had an equal, and I cannot emphasize the word equal enough, right to be in the Big 12 Championship.  Instead, the useless BCS Computers decided that too?

This BCS system is about as unfair as it can be.  It caters to teams who have more financial prowess over its peers, and to those who can be marketed better.  It actually takes into account which teams would give better ratings?!  Are you kidding me?!

Ratings have bearing on who deserves to play for a National Championship?  I think not!  I am completely sickened by what the BCS has crapped out this season.  It disgusts me to think that teams who should have a simple opportunity are stuck in meaningless bowls.

So what do I think?  Personally, I could give a damn how hard a conference is, if you finish a season with a perfect record, you're deserving of a shot for the BCS Championship.

Therefore, only two teams, and two teams alone, have a right to be there.  It should be Boise State and Utah.  I do not care if there are teams that are superior, they proved to be superior to their respective seasons.

And when Boise wins the Poinsettia Bowl (which I personally would be embarrassed to think I dominated my season to be rewarded with that piece of garbage), they will be the National Champs for the second time in three seasons, congrats, guys!

If the BCS had a playoff system, which it will after this debauchery season I am convinced will happen, here's how it would look if I were in charge:

1. Boise State (for their undefeated season)
2. Utah (for their undefeated season)
3. Oklahoma (one-loss, Big 12 Conference Champions)
4. Florida (one-loss, SEC Conference Champions)
5. USC (one-loss, Pac-10 Conference Champions)
6. Penn State (one-loss, Big 10 Conference Champions)
7. Cincinnati (Big East Conference Champions)
8. East Carolina (C-USA Conference Champions)
9. Virginia Tech (ACC Conference Champions)
10. Troy (Sun Belt Conference Champions)
11. Buffalo (MAC Conference Champions)
12. Texas Tech (one-loss, at-large)
13. Alabama (one-loss, at-large)
14. Texas (one-loss, at-large)
15. Ball State (one-loss, at-large)
16a. TCU (one-loss, at-large)
16b. Ohio State (one-loss, at-large)

Obviously the first round would be:

Boise State v. Winner of Ohio State/TCU play-in game
Utah v. Ball State
Oklahoma v. Texas
Florida v. Alabama
USC v. Texas Tech
Penn State v. Buffalo
Cincinnati v. Troy
East Carolina v. Virginia Tech

Honestly as odd as this looks, I believe this would shut up anyone having arguments.  And besides, those match-ups wouldn't be too lop sided.

So all-in-all, the BCS is a joke, this season is officially a joke, and quite frankly if I were associated with this piece of garbage, I would be a joke too.


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