Top Fighters Manny Pacquiao Could Face Next

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

I began to write an article explaining Manny Pacquiao's accomplishments and listing the top fighters he's beaten. But I realized he showed who he was last night when he dominated Oscar De La Hoya like no other boxer has done.

Without further ado, I'll just get down to business like the Pac-Man and list which fighters I feel would be his top opponents.


If Pacquiao stays at the (147 pound) welterweight division...

1. Floyd Mayweather (39-0)

Mayweather the former best P4P fighter that retired with an elite few as undefeated from the sport would be a real dream match former P4P vs current P4P fighter.

Floyd known for his flamboyant personality has been known for turning away dangerous opponents, but he may be persuaded by the possible pay day the fight could bring.


2. Antonio Margarito (37-5)

Margarito scheduled to face Sugar Shane Mosley in Jan. Has just came off a dominating performance against Miguel Cotto. If he's successful against Mosley he will continue to show he is among the best today.

Since he has been unsuccessful setting a match up against DLH, a fight against Pacquiao will give him a chance to do what no other Mexican fighter has been able to do defeat the Pac-Man.


3. Miguel Cotto (32-1)

Cotto Scheduled to fight in Feb. for the vacated welterweight title that ex champ Paul Williams gave up to move to junior middleweight. Cotto is to face Jennings from England in which this is a fight many expect Cotto to win.

If Cotto was to regain the title this would give Pacquiao a chance to ad another division championship to his resume, and give Cotto a huge win and a shot back at the top.


4. Shane Mosley (45-5)

Sugar Shane Mosley has proven time after time he is always ready to step up to the plate. Mosley has fought boxers that claimed they were been overlooked by big named fighters. Such as Vernon Forrest, Ronald Wright, Miguel Cotto, and know he's scheduled to fight Antonio Margarito in Jan.

Although he's been unable to beat the three boxers that I named they are the only results to his defeats. If he could defeat the Margarito and then go onto to fight Pacquiao It would be a great victory for either fighter.


If Pacquiao was to fight at junior welterweight (140 pounds)...

5. Ricky Hatton (45-1)

Hatton has already called out Pacquiao when he said he wanted to face the winner of the DLH-Pac-Man bout. With only one defeat by the hands of the former P4P fighter Mayweather many fill he should get the fight.

I feel Hatton should be careful what he wishes for, and he should start preparing know if he gets his wish.


6. Kendall Holt (24-2), Ricardo Torres (32-2), Andreas Kotelinek (30-2-1)

The reason I named these three fighters together as top opponents is because their title holders in the junior welterweight division. Holt listed first, because he's defending the title against Torres in a rubber match Dec 13th. The fighters promoters have already agreed that the winner is to face Kotelinek for a unification bout.

A fight with the winner between Holt-Torres or Kotelink will give Pacquiao a chance to win a title in another division which would give him five different division titles.


If Pacquiao was to fight at lightweight (135 pounds)...

7. Nate Campbell (32-5-1)

Campbell a fighter in the stacked lightweight division holds the IBF/WBO titles making him one of the best. He showed his great boxing skills over top rank fighter Juan Diaz among other fighters he's defeated.

A Pacquiao win could add to the titles the Pac-man has held, and lead to a road of becoming the undisputed lightweight champion.


8. Juan Diaz (34-1)

Ranked number three in the lightweight division Diaz is currently setting up a match against Jaun Marquez. If Diaz can defeat Marquez he will reclaim a lightweight title. This could be another fight in which Pacquiao can defeat a strong opponent, and step closer to becoming the Undisputed lightweight champion.


9. Juan Marquez (49-4-1)

Pacquiao defeated Marquez twice already in because of that in my eyes a fight between the two is pointless. Even though both fights were close the only way they should meet again is if Marquez defeats Diaz and retains his title.

With Marquez as a champion Pacquiao would need to defeat him again to become the undisputed champ.


If Pacquiao was to fight at junior lightweight (130 pounds)...

10. Humberto Soto (45-7-2)

I don't feel Pac-Man should go back down as far as Jr. lightweight, but if he was to do so he would have to face the best of of division which is Soto at the time.

I don't have Paul Williams on my list because a 6'1" boxer facing a 5'6" boxer is to much of difference, and Freddie Roach wouldn't place Pacquiao against someone with that much of a advantage or James Toney would've fought Klistchko by now.