NCAA Football Week 15 Thoughts and Opinions

David HedlindAnalyst IIDecember 7, 2008

Hold On To The Ball

Buffalo 42 Ball State 24: Ball State lost four fumbles and threw one interception while Buffalo only lost 2 fumbles and threw no interceptions.

East Carolina 27 Tulsa 24: Tulsa threw five interceptions and lost two fumbles. East Carolina lost only one fumble and did not throw any interceptions.

Pitt 34 UConn 10: Connecticut threw five interceptions. Pitt lost a couple fumbles and threw one interception.

Anyone seeing the pattern?


Double Standard

Every year we hear how the regular season is a playoff. This year we had what looked like and what was being called a playin game in the SEC championship game. Now after that game is over, people are asking why Alabama should be penalized for losing late. Which is it folks?


They Haven’t Seen This Yet

I keep hearing things like Oklahoma hasn’t seen a defense like Florida. What I haven’t heard is that Florida hasn’t seen an offense like Oklahoma. Really though no one has. They rewrote the books when it comes to offense and points this season. I just feel like this is going to be one high scoring game.


Daniel Not Daniels

His name is Chase Daniel. There is no -s on the end. Over and over I heard him called Daniels. I didn’t know announcers had free reign to change peoples names. I guess we will have Sam Bradfords and Tim Tebows in the Championship game.


Running Like the Best

Jahvid Best had 19 carries against Washington. The Result was 311 yards. This is enough to be the top individual rusher in the Pac 10. His total was 1,394 yards. Now there are new questions. What could he have done had he not left in the 3rd quarter? Would he be the conference leader if they were playing anyone but Washington?

7-5 and a Bowl is Good Enough For Now

At least that’s got to be the belief in Arizona. With a 7-5 record and a berth in the Vegas Bowl. Mike Stoops has been on the hot seat for a a couple years now and it was believed he would need at least a bowl bid to be retained. Looks like for right now he is ok. Next season better see at least the same results if he wants to be around much longer.


The Reason Why Non BCS Conferences Don’t Maintain Strength

Well at least part of the reason is because when a team has success, the BCS schools come in and take away the coach. Utah lost Meyer to Florida. Central Michigan lost Kelly to Cincinnati. Tulsa lost Kragthorpe to Louisville. Now Hoke, Gill, Wittingham, Patterson and Petersen are all the names that are being floated for major job openings.