Why the Detroit Lions Won't End up Winless

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IIDecember 7, 2008

If you have looked at the Detroit Lions 2008 remaining schedule, you will know why I believe they will beat the Packers.

The simple logic of a winless team, every season, is to strike on a winning team that doesn't take them seriously, or, a team that has less to gain than them in a win.

Enter Green Bay, Week 17.

The Lions' 14th game of the season will be against the 9-4 Colts. Is a win possible? Well the Browns almost beat the Colts didn't they? But no, the simple reason is, it will be a must win game for the Colts in that tight AFC Wild Card race.

So we move on to Week 16, the Saints and Brees are effectively out of the playoff picture right? Well yes, but they are 7-6 and technically still alive, it's interesting to note that unless the Boys beat both the Steelers and Giants, the Saints could even lose to Chicago in Week 15, and STILL, be mathematically alive.

Meaning they will have everything to play for; have you seen the Eagles lately?

So we move on to the Packers in Week 17.

The Green Bay Packers are currently 5-8, and even though they hold tiebreak over the Vikings as of now, it is very difficult to imagine the Vikes going 0-2, Packers going 2-0 and Bears going 1-1. That's the only way the Green Bay Packers would still be mathematically alive in the playoffs come the last regular season game.

They will have nothing to play for.

The Lions, most likely 0-15 at that point, will have everything to play for, and more.

Plus Culpepper is a wildcard and could come out to play.

Sure, the Lions don't have a good running game, the Pack's biggest weakness, but they do have enough of a passing offense to offer a threat to a Packers team that even at home, will probably have no desire to even put on a uniform, especially if they get mathematically eliminated in Week 16.

I don't know how it will happen, I presume maybe a special teams score by the Lions and some crazy fumble and INT by Rodgers.

Just enough, that the Lions win their first game.

I say this all with a straight face, because by Week 17, I also think the Jets will have won the AFC East.