Cleveland Browns News Isn't All Bad

David-S SerdinakCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

Us Browns' fans hoped in our heart's that we'd upset the mighty Titans today. Our hearts have been wrong almost every game. However, I'm not as disappointed as I could have been after watching what we all knew was going to happen.

I applaud our defense. I know that Cleveland's defense gives up a mile on the ground and has folded in a few fourth quarters this year but, still, I respect them.

I expected the secondary to be terrible this year, and they aren't. The weakness they show is usually a result of absolutely no pass rush. No secondary can guard NFL receivers as long as our secondary is forced to. Still, they get their share of interceptions. The defense has taken away the ball frequently. Our offense seldom, if ever, takes advantage of the gifts.

Even when the defense tires late in the game, it's frequently a result of 25 three-and-outs by the offense. Our defensive monster, Shaun Rogers, is 400lbs. (disregard what's printed in the media guide) and no one carrying that mass has a great deal of stamina. If the offense could put together a few more time-consuming drives, the defensive stats would reflect the rest.

Also, I witnessed the players who refuse to quit. How can you not become a fan of players who give their all when the season's lost. D'Qwell Jackson's such a player. Josh Cribbs continues to play hard, as does the afore mentioned Rogers.

Did anyone notice Braylon Edwards one-handed catch in the end zone? It was out of bounds but reflects his ability when he can harness it. He still has the ability to make the most spectacular catches while dropping 3 that hit his stomach.

Who can be angry at Dorsey? We, as well as the coaches, knew what he was. He's a third-string QB who's never supposed to see action. His arm is weaker than I thought, and I thought it was REAL weak!

I believe the defense can be formidable with minor upgrades. The greatest need is a legitimate pass-rushing defensive end.

All in all, I watched what I expected to watch today. I expect to watch it for the remainder of the season, and you had better expect the same. Still, I can cheer the players I mentioned in this article and look forward to a better future.

Actually, Dorsey's sub par play may have been a blessing. If he'd have thrown for three touchdowns and won, the Browns would have signed him to a twenty-year, $85 million contract!