How To Fill the New York Mets' Left-Field Void?

Phil HoopsCorrespondent IDecember 7, 2008

When asked about who could fill the void in the Mets' left field, many sports analysts will say one of two things. One solution they will give is a platoon of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis.

While Tatis did in fact have a great season last year in all honesty what are the chances he can replicate that kind of success again? Also, by making Tatis an everyday player they lose a key bat of the bench. As for Murphy, I believe he would be better suited at second base, which is a position the Mets have a big question mark at.

Another possible solution the sports writers will suggest is to sign a free agent, such as Manny Ramirez, Bobby Abreu, Raul Ibanez, or Pat Burrell. Quite frankly, I think signing any of these four would be a mistake for a number of reasons.

One is they are all aging veterans. The youngest of the group is Burrell, who is 32 years of age. And in the case of Ramirez, one has to question his motivation once he gets comfortable with his new team.

In Abreu's case, it became clear during his time with the Yankees that his skills aren't what they used to be during his time with the Phillies. This is not to say that Abreu would not be a good addition to the already potent Mets offense, as eh would be. However, I cannot justify doling out the three year, $45 million contract to him that he is reportedly asking for.

If the Mets are really interested in a quality outfielder that can roam left field in Citi Field for years to come they should look no further then Delmon Young.

According to reports, the Twins have an abundance of outfielders, and it appears that Young is the odd-man out. Granted a trade for him would most likely cost a package of two high level major league ready prospects such as, Nick Evans and Eddie Kunz.

However, the Mets are getting a young versatile outfielder who hits for average and has the upside of driving in 100 runs.