True Definition Student-Athletes

Recruiting 101Correspondent IDecember 7, 2008

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With all the articles that I have written over the past few years for BR, I know I have always talked about the importance of academics. 

Study hard, put in the effort, re-take your tests, and things along that line will help you recieve scholarship money at the college level, no matter what Division you are playing at.

But at a school such as Florida State (and others as well), most athletes can take the student portion out of the student-athlete label. 

This school has gotten in a great deal of trouble over the years with academic problems.  That is why it was somewhat strange to see the Seminoles producing the true definition of a student athlete in Myron Rolle.

Rolle was a former top rated recruit who turned down a number of other college programs throughout the country.  He has a chance to play in the NFL and make a great deal of money. 

But this standout perfomer on the field has proven he can equal that performance in the classroom.

A few weeks back, Rolle interviewed for the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship and then quickly got on a plane to play against Maryland.  In the end, he received the Scholarship and will eventually make a final decision of whether he will continue his schooling at England’s Oxford University or play football full time. 

Each path has its pros and cons so it will be a tough decision (at the time of writing, his final decision has not yet been determined).

The only former collegiate athletes who earned this prestigious honor have gone on to lengthy careers in politics.  Here are a few of the others in the past:

Byron 'Whizzer' White: Colorado halfback won in 1939, then went on to become an All-Pro and a Supreme Court justice.

Bill Bradley: Princeton star won in 1965. The basketball Hall of Famer later served 18 years in the U.S. Senate and ran for president in 2000.

Tom McMillen: Maryland forward won in 1974. After an 11-year NBA career, he was a three-term congressman.

It is a great honor to see an amazing athlete like Rolle not focus just on football in college.  Seeing his ability to juggle college football at the highest level possible and take care of business in the classroom is something that should prove to be motivation to many other soon-to-be collegiate athletes. 

As you will shortly find out, it is a difficult balance between the two and something that will take some major time management skills.  Let me stress those skills are needed at all levels, not just Division I sports.

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