Bears-Jaguars: Week 14 Prediction

DJ SettleContributor IDecember 6, 2008


Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) vs. Chicago Bears (6-6)

The Bears are coming back home to the Windy City and the famous columns of Soldier Field off a humiliating performance in the Metro Dome against the now first place Vikings. 

The only bright spot in last weeks game was Matt Forte. He ran for 96 yards on 22 carries and also had four catches for 28 yards which lead the team in total yards. He is and will be the future of the franchise and is someone to build around. However, that is for a later article. 

The dark spot which is so dark a black hole was jealous was Charles Tillman and the defense. After a goal-line stand by the Vikings' defense last Sunday, the Bears allowed a 99-yard touchdown pass to the former speed threat of the Chicago Bears (Bernard Berrian who signed a deal this season to play in Minnesota over Chicago cause he wants to be the for-sure No. 1). 

On that note – I’d like to thank Berrian for making the Bears' secondary look foolish.  I’m especially Charles Tillman, who in one play was running with Berrian on the 99 yard touchdown. To Tillman, Bernard isn’t on a road course turning right. Instead, Berrian is on a drag strip running straight by you and you turned off to play the in routes. 

As previously stated, this is a must win for the Bears. The offensive line needs to get back to business this week after being monster truck rallied by the Williams’ last week. 

Defensively the Bears secondary will need to keep solid coverage for once to allow the defensive line time to get to Garrard.  Briggs and Urlacher need to come up big and have a presence in stopping Maurice Jones-Drew. 

Player to watch for the Bears is Matt Forte and watch his overall abilities to run people over and catch the ball out of the backfield.

Honorable (for now) mention goes to the defensive backs. If they’d like to create another long day for you, blow coverage again like they did in Minnesota.

On Jacksonville’s side of the ball they need to look at exploiting an open defense scheme with the average to below average defensive backs running it. The Jags need to send Jones-Drew or Matt Jones on corner routes 10 to 15 yards down field in between the coverage all day long. This is made possible by the lack of a pass rush from the “D-line” of the bears. 

The basic summary of what the Jags need to do to beat the Bears is to contain Matt Forte, run slant routes and run routes into the holes of the weak zone defense which the Bears won’t be able to defend. 

A player to watch for the Jaguars is David Garrard.  If he can be accurate, he should be able to burn the defense of the Bears. 

An honorable mention goes to both Maurice Jones-Drew and Matt Jones.  Jones-Drew could always have a big day on the ground, depending on what attitude the defensive line for Chicago brings to work. 

Matt Jones could have a big day if they run the short slants and zone killing routes.  Unfortunately for him the only way he can have a big day is if his quarterback can get him the ball. 

Prediction – Bears 17, Jags 10

Touchdowns by – (Bears) Matt Forte and Greg Olsen

                             (Jaguars) Maurice Jones-Drew