Bloggers’ Legitimacy Takes One on the Chin

JT RayContributor IDecember 7, 2008


Since I started blogging and podcasting about Boise State three years ago, I have had a goal of being on equal footing with the local media.

I have sent several emails to Boise State Athletics requesting media credentials and have been sent back denials in return.

After Friday’s events, it seems that the likelihood of achieving that goal has taken a giant leap backwards.

At the end of the day, what separates myself and fellow bloggers (Drew, Buck & Kevan) from established media, is legitimacy. I strive to provide content that differentiates this site from the rest, I do so without any approval from Boise State.

I do however strive to meet a standard that in the end makes this site as legitimate as the local media. I concede the fact, I have zero background in journalism and may not have the best sentence structure.

I do however have a passion for Boise State, podcast ninja skills, and couple of bucks to purchase a domain name and hosting. At the same time, it doesn’t mean I will ever go off the deep-end and conjure up rumors as Sparty and Friends did this past Friday.

You see, Sparty, any credibility you may have had was just thrown out the window. Additionally, you made bloggers like myself look bad and leave us extremely frustrated in the process.

To make matters worse, you offer the likes of Brian Murphy plenty of poo to fling at bloggers. Even KTIK’s Jeff Caves and Mike Prater were able to take shots at bloggers on Idaho Sports Talk.

So why did Sparty light the Internet abuzz? It boiled down to publicity. Yes I know it is hard to believe, but its true.

Everyone wants to be the first to report the story, so they can claim the title of the one who broke it. If that means reporting a story with little confirmation, then so be it.

Schools like Boise State have little to zero control over bloggers and message boards. They do however, have the ability to manage the local media.

In the same breath, Chad Cripe, like other beat writers, has his newspaper’s reputation to uphold. Reporting a story that hasn’t met a set of standards would leave newspapers like the Idaho Statesman in a bad spot, a spot I myself wish to avoid.

As I continue to build this site’s legitimacy, I promise never to take the road traveled by bloggers like Sparty and Friends. Though from time to time I receive tidbits that I could quite easily write about, typically as a rule of thumb they are kept under lock and key until other outlets report them.

As Bronco Nation N.O.W. continues to grow, I take solace in knowing I have done things right, to the best of my ability, and with enjoyment.

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