IMPACT Wrestling: Did They Find a New Way to Help the Pay-Per-View Buy Rate?

Charlie GSenior Writer IOctober 18, 2011

It's free!
It's free!

IMPACT Wrestling just had their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory.

What was special about the event? Well, a lot actually.

One thing that sticks out in my mind is the free match that aired on IMPACT's Facebook page and pre-show. Did anyone watch the Tag title match between Ink, Inc. and Mexican America?

For those of you that watched, did the match help promote the pay-per-view and urge you to buy it?

IMPACT Wrestling may have created a nice marketing ploy with these free pay-per-view pre-show matches.

If they can produce a good, free match it just might generate more interest in the event and maybe bring up the buy rate, if even by a little bit.

IMPACT should really keep pushing these free pay-per-view matches for a few reasons.

1.) It gives more wrestlers a pay-per-view match.

2.) It adds one more match to a pay-per-view card.

3.) The pre-show is mostly interviews with the wrestlers before the event, anyway.

4.) It's a way of giving back to fans.

With these pre-show matches, maybe there will be more room for big-time feuds on the pay-per-view while giving away the undercard matches for free.

Nobody really likes 30 minutes of straight talking. That's why some people DVR their favorite shows, be it Raw, Smackdown or IMPACT. That said, nobody watches pre-show interviews!

Keep the interviews as some form of an internet exclusive, and let the fans and viewers watch a few matches in the time span before the show.

Pay-per-views are generally three hours long and, with the pre-show being 30 minutes, you can fit two or three more matches into the event.

If the matches are done well, maybe it'll spark more interest into those fans unsure of whether to buy the show or not. It can really urge them to spend money to see the full show.

IMPACT Wrestling may have landed a great new idea. One that I'm obviously in favor of. Would free pre-show, pay-per-view matches push people to buy the show itself?