Let's Play Devil's Advocate For Plaxico For a Minute Here

Erik DianaCorrespondent IDecember 6, 2008

Warning: This article may piss you off! If you don't like it, please post a comment as to why.

However, if you're a hippie who thinks people should fingerpaint their way out of trouble, go smoke a bowl and log off of the website. Your thoughts don't matter.

Let me get this out of the way first: Plaxico Burress is an idiot. I don't support what he did. And if you wear sweatpants at a club, stash a gun in said sweatpants, you deserve what you get! Guns and alcohol don't mix.

My issue will be a deeper one in this article, much deeper in fact.

Here's my issue: It's time for professional athletes to start heavily supporting candidates that have good a good record regarding gun rights. It's time for professional athletes to get involved with the NRA. It's time for athletes to be able to get trained in proper firearm safety that could prove useful. It's time for them to hire bodyguards like their going out of style.

Guns in the hands of properly trained people can save lives, not eliminate them. And whether people want to admit or not, there are evil people in the world too! The case of Sean Taylor is proof!

Why not let the NRA properly train on the laws of carrying a gun? Why not let the NRA show you how to properly store, load, and fire your firearm for when you need to learn how? This is teaching safety! Athletes need to know how to be protected because their life is fragile and even more vulnerable than the average person.

Also, athletes should be monitoring Congress and their state legislatures on guns laws that could have an immediate and swift impact on their own safety. Gun laws are not to be taken lightly and should be pondered over and debated rigorously. And laws that curtail CCW permits and gun ownership can have a direct impact on whether or not they are protected or not! It can impact whether they feel safe or not.

It's time for these young men to take a stand and stop being the victim. They need to be pro-active in defending themselves. A gun in the hand of someone who is PROPERLY trained and armed can save their life and give them a modicum of peace and security.

This can also pertain to having a bodyguard who is paid to watch your back. A person like a Plaxico Burress has just as much to lose as you and I (again, I don't excuse what he did!).

Even the most ardent cynic can agree that athletes (especially pro football players) are targets by thugs and criminals. These athletes are men that wildly popular and excessively paid and they are viewed by criminals as targets. Do these athletes invite trouble? Yes, yes they do sometimes!

Now, it's time for athletes to gird their loins, be SMART, and not put themselves in a position where they or someone they care about can get harmed. Common sense goes a long way when you live the lifestyle that a pro athlete lives. Keep your circle of friends close and don't trust people for a long time.

With the Plaxico Burress situation ESPN reported (almost excessively to the point of stirring up fear) about the death of Sean Taylor and the impact that it had on many NFL players like Ben Roethlisberger, Clinton Portis, and others. Athletes admitted their fear and vulnerability in the ESPN The Magazine piece.

Also, Plaxico had to hear that one of his brethren on the Giants, Steve Smith, was robbed at gunpoint by a driver (of all people) earlier that week as well. This was certainly one hell of a confluence of fear. Wouldn't it be natural for Plaxico to feel a pang of fear? Yes it would! I don't blame Plaxico for being scared.

Again, I'm not excusing what Plaxico did! Carrying guns into a club is STUPID! Alcohol and guns don't mix. Just like guns and anger or insanity don't mix. But, it's time for people like Plaxico and others to get smart and hire a bodyguard(s). Seriously, a person in his salary range is practically a CEO of their own company. They can't afford not to have one.

And more than anything, an athlete should be protected in their home as well. If the Sean Taylor case proved anything, it again proved that proper training of a firearm could have saved his life. If Sean Taylor had a gun, he would have had a chance.

If this article offended you please tell me why. Please though, keep it respectful!