Championship Weekend: Suck On This, BCS!

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 6, 2008

"After Alabama beats Florida, all questions will be answered."---Joe Burgett

"Florida will lose this game, and Alabama goes on to the BCS Championship"---Lee Corso

"Alabama will contain Florida and do enough to win the SEC Title."---Tim Cowlishaw

"Florida is going to the BCS Championship. No Way We Lose this game."---Ron Johnson

Guess who was was right?

After all the talk about how Alabama would win the SEC Championship, Florida did what they did best: They may not win all of them in the trenches, but they won tonight in the clutches. Tim Tebow threw three touchdowns, including the game winner, to beat Alabama 31-20 and win the SEC Championship and a trip to Miami for the BCS Championship Game.

Before I go on any further, allow me thank Grandpa Johnson for making this a game to remember. With that, it was clear that Alabama didn't know how to win an SEC Championship. Instead of using the pass like most expected, he used Glen Coffee as much as possible, and that led to his downfall. The Gators finally got the revenge that they have been craving against the almighty Saban.

With that said, Florida has now earned...yes I say it again, earned their right to play for their second BCS Championship in three years. So to Lee Corso, Tim Cowlishaw & Joe Burgett, I ask you one simple question:


#3 Oklahoma 62, #20 Missouri 21

Who is Sam Bradford? He is arguably the best quarterback in the Big XII Conference. He is the man that is used to playing nailbiters. And now...he is the man that has possibly led the Oklahoma Sooners to a shootout showdown in Miami to face the Florida Gators for the National Championship.

After all the talk from Lisa Horne about stats, Sam Bradford took her stats thoughts and shoved them into the ground. The Sooners not only dominated Missouri, they became the first team in college football history to score 60+ points in five consecutive games.

Now comes the clutch moment. With this win, Oklahoma is supposedly going to the BCS National Championship. All the talk about, "What if Missouri beats Oklahoma?" Well, the talk is officially over. Texas and Alabama will have to settle for duking it out in a bowl game...possibly. The BCS has made it clear that no matter how good Boise State is, they are not as good as Ohio State (even though Ohio State has lost the last two BCS Championship Games to the SEC). The BCS now has its definitive #1 vs. #2.

The question is will they accept what they've got? Or will Texas and Alabama get their chance to shine in Miami anyway?

Legend vs. Icon Final Standings

Thanks to her upset pick from last night, Lisa Horne grabbed an early lead when Buffalo shocked previously undefeated Ball State 42-24. While Virginia Tech defeated Boston College 30-12 to repeat as ACC Champions, Florida defeated Alabama to give her two wins to my first. USC took care of business by not only beating the Bruins, but also clinching the Pac-10 Championship and earning their spot in the Rose Bowl to face Penn State.

But it was the final game of the evening that sealed the deal for the two writers. Oklahoma continued their dominance and won 62-21 and earned their spot in the BCS Championship against the best in the SEC, Florida. With that victory, Lisa Horne and I finished championship week at 3-2.

The tiebreaker: That is yet to be decided, but all we can say is that we're both equally good and we equally suck. But hey! We both have one thing in common: We both want to find the Calvin sticker with him whizzing on the BCS. Anyone else?

Though so.

See you in Miami.


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