Monday Night Raw Results, Oct. 17: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIOctober 18, 2011

Monday Night Raw Results, Oct. 17: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

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    On last night's Monday Night Raw we were treated to vanishing storylines, Triple H being deported and a main event involving two announcers.

    We were also given more questions than answers, as usual.  In what is becoming a weekly segment for me, I wish to explore a few questions that I came up with while watching Raw.

Is Mason Ryan Being Pushed Too Quickly?

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    I was surprised to see Zack Ryder on Monday Night Raw, let alone winning a match against Jack Swagger. For a second I thought WWE Creative remembered they were building a feud between Dolph Ziggler and Ryder just a few weeks ago. Suddenly as Ryder was about to get a serious beating, Mason Ryan came down to save the day.

    It hit me; Ryder’s win was only a setup for Mason Ryan to come down and be involved. The real story was Ryan versus Ziggler.

    The United States Champion, Dolph Ziggler, was barely able to mount an offensive against the monstrous Mason Ryan. The match solidified that the WWE is pushing Ryan, not Zack Ryder. Michael Cole even suggested that Ryan should be the No. 1 contender for the U.S. title. 


    Zack Ryder had two consecutive victories over Ziggler and then vanished.  Where was his title shot?

    Mason Ryan is the typical WWE model of recent years:  great body, power moves and horrific mic skills.  His body is actually unnatural in how freakishly muscular he is. I admit that some of his moves have been impressive, but I have also seen times where he begins to rely on being the bigger competitor. He has little personality and fans cannot relate to him.

    The WWE will continue to push the big man where he will eventually win the United States title. After holding the title for a while he will lose somehow and be catapulted into the WWE or World championship picture. I am willing to bet that he will bypass many wrestlers who have worked hard to be considered main event talent within the next few months.

What Happened to the New Vicki Guerrero Stable?

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    We did not see any evidence of a new stable being born on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw. Many had speculated that Vicki Guerrero would be creating a new stable involving Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. That idea can officially be squashed.

    Perhaps we jumped the gun in thinking a new stable was on the way. Now it just seems like it was a collection of heels working together to bring down Triple H. Instead of a new stable, we get a storyline that has completely vanished.

    The push of Swagger and Ziggler continues, but the hope of a new heel stable is gone. All of the heels have seemed to go their different ways.  

Why Are the “Awesome Truth” Fighting CM Punk and Triple H?

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    Honestly, why is this feud even happening? 

    Let me try to recap how we got to this point.  Triple H was feuding with CM Punk.  The Miz and R-Truth beat up a bunch of referees and then justified the attacks because they thought Triple H was somehow holding them back.  So the “Awesome Truth” inexplicably jump both Punk and Triple H during their match, causing Triple H to fire them.  Triple H loses power over Raw and the Miz and R-Truth get reinstated. 

    Never mind that CM Punk was feuding with Triple H originally or that Kevin Nash was involved in the feud or that the referees were attacked by the Miz and R-Truth and NOT Triple H.  Let’s just ignore those facts.

    This whole feud feels forced and I do not see what a win or loss does for any of these men.  CM Punk in particular feels like he is being thrown around WWE storylines and matches for no apparent reason anymore.  I just do not see the direction of this feud.

    As wrestling fans, are we just supposed to forget all the details of this storyline prior to last Monday night's episode of Raw?

    CM Punk, now the leading merchandise seller, is involved in a feud that feels very mid-cardish. The WWE and Punk both worked so hard to separate him from the pack, and now he is being thrown into a silly feud where he is teaming with Triple H.  If the WWE does not get CM Punk involved in the WWE title picture permanently then I believe his popularity will wane.  

Why Is the WWE Pushing That Del Rio Has Never Beaten Cena One-on-One?

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    Who has beaten John Cena cleanly in a one-on-one match lately?

    I’m not sure if I feel insulted or sad that the WWE must remind me that John Cena has never lost to Alberto Del Rio in a singles match.  They brought up this tidbit about twenty times during the main event on Monday Night Raw.

    The motivation of why they are bringing this fact up now is what bothers me.  John Cena already comes across as “Super Man” to most wrestling fans. Is it really necessary to remind us that the current WWE Champion is one of the weakest looking champions of the last decade?

    Sometimes I even question why WWE Creative has Alberto Del Rio as the champion.  All they have done is convince me that he does not deserve it. The feud between Del Rio and Cena has become so laughable that even John Cena recognizes that Del Rio cannot beat him.

    With this is mind it obviously means John Cena will be losing on Sunday. The WWE wants us to believe Cena is incapable of losing to Del Rio, so that suggests Del Rio will win. With the Rock storyline quickly approaching, John Cena will need to lose on Sunday so he can shift his attention towards his Wrestlemania opponent.

Why Are Announcers Involved Matches?

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    2011 has been the year of annoying storylines and feuds involving announcers. 

    The Michael Cole-Jim Ross feud has become tiresome as of late. Its one thing for announcers to bicker, see Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler, but it’s another thing when the bickering overshadows the action in the ring. In this case the bickering actually created the action in the ring.

    The main event on Monday Night Raw found Jim Ross teaming up with John Cena as they took on Michael Cole and Alberto Del Rio. Does anyone really care about Cole and Ross’s feud?

    An announcer’s job is to announce, not be in main event action. No one wants to see Jim Ross, at age 60, throwing hay-makers. I love Jim Ross, but the man almost feels irrelevant.  Either make him a full time announcer or get him out of the picture. I am tired of Ross, Cole and Jerry Lawler being shoved down my throat.

    Maybe the real problem is that this whole announcing set up has become stale. Jim Ross was a fantastic announcer, but that does not come through when Cole is doing play-by-play AND constantly insulting Ross’s accent. What does Jim Ross add at this stage?

    Michael Cole went from a Todd Pettengill wannabe to a monster heel announcer. I have written many times that if you are doing the play-by-play then you should be fairly unbiased. It is the color commentator’s job to add biased opinion. Michael Cole goes over the line far too much in his current role.

    Last you have Jerry Lawler who can only talk about how everyone should respect John Cena.  Lawler was a great heel color man, but he is just annoying as a face. I’m tired of Lawler being pushed as something greater than he currently is.

    The feuds and storylines need to end for all commentators in current roles.  It has become distracting to have so much anxiety and discontent at the announcer’s table. If you want Michael Cole to get heat, then make him a manager. If you want Jim Ross as a full time announcer, then do it and stop putting him in matches. 

    WWE Creative I beg you to let them just do their jobs. Put the focus back on the WWE Championship, not commentators fighting one another.


    As always thank you for reading.  What questions came out of Raw for you?  Make sure you list them in the comment section below.  Also, follow me on Twitter @ClassicJoeyMac.