Why Alabama SHOULD Be No. 2 in the BCS Standings

Keeven KuateContributor IDecember 6, 2008

Keeven Kuate a.k.a DJ Key


I don't want to rub my prediction is any 'Bama fans, BUT I might just have to. I did state, in my previous article, that the Tebow-led Gators would win; covering the 10-point spread was the icing on the cake. 

Alabama did give me a scare, as I bet on Florida to cover the 10-point spread two minutes before kickoff (first wager since 2007, won't be my last now), and for a quick moment when 'Bama scored to go up 20-17, I was starting to wonder if Alabama had figured the Percy-less Florida Gators. 

Fact or Fiction: If your school is not named Ole Miss, you cannot beat the Florida Gators.


I just felt like that was appropriate. Ole Miss has some bragging rights next year. Hopefully, Tim Tebow stays for another year to shut them up. 



Players, who looked great today:

Glen Coffee: Wow, I knew Alabama could run the ball but, I did not know that it would be like that. Right from the start, on their second drive, he exploded for a 18-yard touchdown run. I was starting to wonder if he would break for more long runs (that ended up to be his longest of the game).

But still, Coffee is definitely a top-five running back next year, as he should return and be the vital part of another Alabama run next year.

Julio Jones: In my previous article, I did state that Julio would be making his big plays (like he always does) and he was a big factor in this game. It seems like he catches EVERY FRICKIN' ball that is thrown his way, and that just got annoying (until he got hurt, as John Parker Wilson went deep to him, just out for one play).

I think the only reason why Alabama did not end up winning the game, tonight, was because of the John Parker Wilson. He choked like I said he would. If you take out Julio Jones' stats, John Parker Wilson was 7-for-20, throwing it for 63 yards and that late pick. (He did take care of the ball, and Alabama did have a chance to win, but he's no Tim Tebow.)

Chris Rainey, Jeffery Demps, Emmanuel Moody: I'm going call them "The Replacements" for this game's purpose. These three Florida Gators had one task to accomplish this game, and that was to replace the un-replaceable Percy Harvin in the running game.

Nothing too flashy, but they made it so that Percy Harvin was not missed this game, with no turnovers, and a Demps touchdown to seal the deal. I can see Jeffery Demps having a big-role with Urban Meyers' offense in the future, he is a player who, we all need to remember his name, as he will be doing big things, very soon. (As soon as that National Championship game in January.)

Remember, he has a faster 100 meter time than anyone in United States high school history (10.01), so he is no joke.

Nick Saban's Roll Tide Defense: After a quick strike (touchdown) in the first quarter, that stingy Alabama defense, got nasty and held Florida to two straight three-and-outs and a field goal, stopping Tim Tebow and his offense inside the five-yard line (not many teams can claims that...). 

Well, here is my case: It seems like if Alabama had played Florida the first game of the season, that they would be ranked second today, as teams who lose in the latter parts of the season are really affected by the BCS (Texas Tech and Penn State fans know what I am talking about).

If the No. 1 team loses to a top five team in its conference's championship game, that No. 1 team should not fall lower than No. 2. They are the only team with a defense that can keep Florida in check ("In check" = under 40 points for Florida).

Ole Miss is not in the national championship picture, so I cannot make a case for them to rematch the Gators.

In addition, the Big 12 cannot make up their mind on anything this year. They needed the BCS voters to pick who was going to play in their own conference's championship game? Are you serious. It's not just that, Colt McCoy was recently voted as the Associated Press Player of the Year, yet he is on the Second-Team All-Big 12 Team, is that a joke?

Make up your mind on who is your conference's best team and player. While they do that, I want to see another 'Bama-Florida game. Who's with me? Alabama deserves to be in the title game over Oklahoma, Texas, and USC. Easily. 


My BCS Standings, the top five best overall teams:

1. Florida Gators

2. Alabama Crimson Tide

3. Oklahoma Sooners (pending tonight's game: Hopefully, Mizzou keeps it close, so that my article is still relevant by the end of tonight.)

4. Texas Longhorns

5. USC Trojans.


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