UFC 137 Fight Card: 3 Things Nick Diaz Must Do to Beat BJ Penn

Adam OsterkampContributor IIIOctober 18, 2011

UFC 137 Fight Card: 3 Things Nick Diaz Must Do to Beat BJ Penn

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    At UFC 137, the fight between Nick Diaz and BJ Penn may very well prove to be the best fight on the entire card. Penn even went so far as to claim that the fight was the true main event.

    It is a fight that no hardcore fight fan will miss. They each have excellent boxing and excellent ground games.  The two are so well matched!

    Dana White has said that if Diaz defeats Penn, he’ll receive a title shot.

    What does Diaz need to do to make sure he gets that shot?

Keep His Hands Up

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    Diaz likes to taunt his opponents by putting his hands in the air or down by his waist. This would be a big mistake against a great boxer like Penn.

    While it might work to get in the head of a fighter like Paul Daley, it’s not going to work with Penn, and Penn has the power and skill to put Diaz away. 

    Diaz needs to fight smart against a seasoned vet like Penn.

    If he doesn’t, Penn will absolutely know how to capitalize on Diaz’s mistakes.

Avoid Being Outwrestled

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    BJ Penn has a solid wrestling game. While Diaz is a very strong BJJ practitioner, he’s not going to submit Penn from his back.

    Diaz needs to keep this fight on its feet at all times. If Penn takes him down, his main goal should be to stand it back up. 

    Don’t get me wrong, Diaz is great at working off his back, but there is a reason they call Penn “The Prodigy.”

Go for the KO

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    If this fight stays standing, we are all in for a show. Both of these athletes have some fantastic boxing skills. 

    Diaz’s best shot of walking away with a victory is on the feet.

    Penn has never been knocked out, and Diaz has the skills to be the first man to do it. While a TKO is more likely, it’d be great to see Diaz get the win with a KO.

    Can Diaz’s boxing overcome Penn’s?

    Only time will tell.