Sean Avery Exposes NHL for What It Is, a No Humor League

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IDecember 6, 2008


Time has passed since the latest incident involving Sean Avery, and the complete out of proportion explosion by the media. And much like his defensive stance against Martin Brodeur, I think the reaction by the media and league, is completely ridiculous!

First off, in the middle of the 2008 NHL Playoffs, the league made up a rule because notorious cry-baby, Martin Brodeur, couldn't see the play because Avery was facing him and blocking his view.

I do have some playing experience in hockey, and on the power play, a player is assigned the job of screening the goalie!  Sadly, if you're screening a boo-hooing, whining, crying, and cheating goalie like Brodeur, it's illegal!

Now, let's look at the current situation. Sean Avery hooks up with a notorious Canadian celebrity, who has a reputation of dating hockey players. They split, she moves on, and Avery decides to do what most people do with their exes, he talks about her like she was a huge mistake in his life, and he's better than her.

So what is the logical solution?  Become complete boobs, suspend him, and revoke his right to play hockey!

What?! When did having a celebrity ex who you didn't like, and about whom you voiced an opinion, land you a suspension?  Seriously! 

In a league that requires players to physically assault one another, which on the streets is a crime, and also allows fighting, has to suspend people for stating a simple opinion.

Talk about completely stupid!  The NHL has to succumb to stupid emotions, when it is known for allowing hitting, fighting, and the occasional stick to the face. Wow, that is completely sad!

So all-in-all, the league has a personal grudge with a player who draws fans. Like him or not, Sean Avery gets people to watch the game, and go to the game. I can guarantee Avery is not sorry, nor would I be.

I would say whatever I was supposed to say, and expect everyone to simply shut up which is exactly what is going to happen. Avery will be back, and he'll be right back to normal where he belongs!

The NHL has lost it's renegade feel to it as compared to the other major sports leagues.  It joins the No Fun League as the No Humor League.

Before I get the comments, Yes it was tacky and unnecessary, but it was not worth a suspension of any kind!  No argument you can even fathom will change my opinion of that.