Why TNA Will Never Be Able to Compete with the WWE

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IDecember 6, 2008

TNA. If you follow my writings you may have noticed I haven't written about TNA since I wrote the article telling all of you I had lost all hope for TNA.

I had lost hope that TNA would ever be competition to the WWE. Some still believe TNA might amount to something, but lets be real for just a moment.


The Booking

I'm not exactly sure who does the booking for TNA, but whoever does might need to get their head out of their rear end.

I mean at the next PPV, Kurt Angle is going to face Jeff Jarrett after he has a match with Rhino on the same night. Who comes up with this crap?

At every major show we see some type of ridiculous gimmick match that makes no sense at all. What the heck is a reverse battle royal?

The WWE has some strange matches too, like the "Scramble" match, but the "E" is much better at presenting them.

Presentation is everything in wrestling and when you have a strange pointless gimmick match at every PPV just so all the under card guys can be on the show, it's going to get old, fast.


The "WWE" guys

What do Team 3D, Rhino, Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Booker T, and Christian Cage have in common? That is right they all spent a majority of their career in the WWE.

I still hate the fact that these guys are put over AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. I am pretty tired of watching Impact seeing the old WWE guys constantly beating the crap out of the TNA guys.

I still love to watch TNA don't get me wrong, but after four years on national television, TNA should be making more progress than this.

Having their own stars representing them is the way to go. You don't see WWE making a TNA star their World Champion, do you? It is just really strange.



I'm sure your thinking about what horrible comment you’re going to leave me after reading all of this so I do have something positive to say. TNA Impact is one of TNA's bright spots right now.

Sure they still have really long talking segments and 20-minute beat downs, but something about seeing guys you can't see on the WWE like the Motor City Machine Guns, AJ Styles, and LAX really attracts me to the Thursday night program.

I am in no way saying that Impact is perfect as it is a overloaded, overbooked, annoying piece of crap every Thursday, but is not a complete waste. If they want to get people watching, they need to make a program like Raw circa 1998.


Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, and Dutch Mantel (a.k.a The Creative Team):

Where do I begin, oh lord where do I begin? These three men are responsible for what you watch on TNA every week. The good, the bad, and most certainly, the ugly.

I think TNA should give Paul Heyman a call. No? Okay well as long as the three men are in control over the writing then I'm not so sure TNA will be going anywhere any time soon.

Their writing is different, but not good different. Even though the WWE have the same boring story lines, at least there's not dumb shit like the Suicide character.


I'm probably going to get a lot of heat for writing this article, but someone has to bring it up. TNA is like a giant elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Well I’m talking about it now.  

So go ahead write you hateful comments and tell me how horrible the WWE is and how "awesome" TNA is. I'll be waiting.