Endgame: WWE SmackDown! Rebound

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IDecember 6, 2008

Friday Night was about getting an advantage heading into the final pay per view of the year. After seeing what TNA brings to the table for this Sunday's Final Resolution, it was up to the insanity known as Vickie Guerrero's decision making to give WWE some much needed momentum heading into this Monday's Slammy Awards.

Did she live up to her end of the deal? You decide.

Helms Rocks MVP Like A Hurricane; Maria Becomes Upset Queen

MVP has had a rough few months. He hasn't won a match in a long time, and felt that tonight his luck was about to change. But someone didn't tell his opponent that. After a year off to recover from neck fusion surgery, Gregory "Hurricane" Helms made his return to the ring.

And while showing no ring rust, Helms was able to nail the Hurri-Wizard to drop MVP and pick up the win in his return to the WWE. As for MVP, well..."Sorry About Your Damn Luck!"

Speaking of unlucky, ever since Survivor Series, Michelle McCool has done everything possible to become the biggest heel in the Diva Division. But to make matters worse, it's clear that her days as Divas Champion are numbered thanks in large part to her own personal ego. On Friday night, she met another Diva that is starting to not like her.

In a rematch from their Divas Championship Match last month, Michelle faced Maria in a rubber match from last week's altercation. Despite having all the ring skills in the world, McCool was unable to put the former Playboy cover girl down for the count. And with aggression and revenge running through her veins, Maria ducks the Cool Kick and uses the School Girl to pick up the upset win over the Divas Champion.

After the battle, Maria makes it clear what she wants: Another shot at the Divas Championship. With Maryse, Natalya and now Maria all eyeing for the Championship, who will get the first shot at Michelle McCool?

The Rated R version of Mind Games

Edge made his return to SmackDown! competition when he decimated Kung Fu Naki with a huge spear. After his short victory over the SmackDown! underdog, Edge and Vickie went on to make sure that Edge's opponents for Armageddon were drained heading into the pay per view. So she decided to team Triple H and Jeff Hardy up and have them run the tag team gauntlet.

After a backstage war of words, the two men came out and first faced Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder. After doing everything to one up each other, Triple H lands the Pedigree on Hawkins...and Hardy comes back and nails the Swanton Bomb to give them the win. But it's clear it's only a matter of time before things implode between the two men.

The Dirt Sheet was the next team, and their victory over Triple H and Jeff Hardy was due in large part to the game of oneupmanship between their opponents. After Hardy takes down all three men on the outside, Triple H decides to exchange more than words with Hardy. As the two battle on the outside, the match ends when neither of them answer the 10-count.

In the back, Vickie Guerrero is only getting started. Before her office becomes the scene of even more anarchy, she decides that Triple H will face Jeff Hardy next week. But as Hardy comes in, Edge uses his own art of manipulation to convince Hardy that it was Triple H that attacked him in Boston. As The Game comes into the office, Jeff turns around and begins attacking him instead.

The Last Ride for Undertaker and Big Show

Last night's broadcast was also the final battle between SmackDown!'s Giants as Big Show and Undertaker had their final encounter inside a steel cage. Big Show called this place his environment and proved that by getting the early control with hard punches and headbutts. But the Deadman gets some advantage by sticking Show in between the ropes and the cage, only to get dropped again by the Big Show.

Show continues the assault by running Taker into the cage, but the Deadman fights back and lands the leg drop. As he goes for Old School, Taker gets caught by Big Show and is leveled with a Superplex. But Taker bounces back and the two fight at the top of the cage.

As Show drops to the mat below, Taker misses a leg drop off the top ropes. Show recovers and goes for the chokeslam, but the Deadman counters it into a DDT. As Taker goes for a chokeslam of his own, Show counters into the Showstopper. But when that isn't enough to end the war, Show lands that devastating knockout punch.

But Taker sits up, blocks the chokeslam and applies the Death Valley Sleeper/Hell's Gates to force the tap out and win the final battle between these two massive behemoths of SmackDown!

Next Week on SmackDown!: After the wars on RAW, Triple H and Jeff Hardy will lock horns just a few days before their triple threat match at Armageddon against Edge! Who will survive the anarchy and the war? Will Edge have an easy road to victory at Armageddon? Or will the Enigma and The King of Kings get one over on The Rated R Superstar?