XWA Wrestling Recap: Aftermath 10.01.2011

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent IOctober 17, 2011

XWA Aftermath
XWA Aftermath

Their bodies are still bruised and battered. The thrill of victory for some was in stark contrast to the agony of defeat for others. Not one but two belts found themselves around the waists of newly crowned victors.

We’re just two short weeks removed from Quest for Gold, and tonight we’ll see what happens now that the dust has settled. They say only the strong survive, and we are left to wonder who will go on to thrive in this new landscape.

Ladies and gentlemen, XWA presents Aftermath, held this evening within the friendly confines of Samuel de Champlain, here in Saint John New Brunswick.

There was a substantial amount of bloodshed at Quest for Gold. The show kicked off with the championship scramble match, which crowned a new XWA Elite Champion in the form of Julius Fantana.

Later on, in the main event of the evening, Dazzling Dick Durning, with perhaps a touch of destiny upon him, claimed the biggest prize the company has to offer—the XWA Heavyweight Championship.

Aftermath offers an opportunity for some competitors to exact revenge and settle scores, as well as allowing others to simply gain an important win. For some, this may prove to be a chance to start over and move forward. Either way, we’re bound to see plenty more solid in-ring action, and perhaps a surprise or two, along the way.


It’s time to head back inside the squared circle, as we ready ourselves to see modern day gladiators battle in their coliseum of choice, in hopes of climbing to the top of the XWA mountain.

What follows is a detailed recap of the event:

Segment one – Recap of last month's event

First off, we’re treated to a detailed video recap of last month's Quest For Gold event. The highlights of the video package detail the outcomes. These included:

1. Julius Fantana defeated five other competitors in a championship scramble match to claim the XWA Elite Championship. Fantana beat fellow opponents Barstool Bailey, Wesley Pipes, Zane Valentine, Johnny Versace and El Handsimo, and hit his trademark 450 splash on Johnny Versace to gain the victory.

2. KI Real beat Sunny Warcloud after his manager, Mr. Wallace, distracted the ref long enough for Real to clobber Warcloud with his right hand wrapped with a steel chain.

3. Shaheer Rasool beat General Duce after some interference on the part of The Sheik. The Sheik threw a fireball directly into Duce’s eyes allowing Rasool to roll him up and get the pin.

4.The team of FRAT and Nightmare conquered the team of the Wave Riders, Raj Mahal and Slick McGrick when Josh pinned Raj Mahal.

5. In the main event, Dazzling Dick Durning defeated Ryan Heath inside the 15 foot high steel cage to become the new XWA Heavyweight Champion. Dick tied Heath’s boot through the cage allowing Dick to scale the fence, climb over the top and drop to the floor securing victory.

Once the video finishes up, Coug finally introduces us properly to XWA’s October offering, Aftermath. Without further ado, it’s time for our opening contest.

Match 1 Sunny Warcloud vs Zane Valentine

Starting us off tonight is Sunny Warcloud taking on Zane Valentine. Warcloud is out first and he is charged up tonight. He circles the ring yelling some sort of native battle cry. Is he seeking spiritual guidance from his native ancestors? Is he doing a victory dance? Is he trying to make the lights come back on? I don’t think we’ll ever know for sure.

Valentine’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. A chorus of boos rain down and you can see Valentine’s demeanor changing. The crowd clearly has him riled up as he picks up the pace and heads up the stairs and into the ring.

Valentine is making his way around from corner to corner, offering all who dare to try and capture his fantastic physique in a wide angle shot. A few make the attempt, but some other fans don’t waste any time before they begin their “juice monkey” chants. Ring that bell!!

Before anyone locks up we find ourselves in an impromptu pose down. First Valentine, then Sunny. In typical heel fashion, as Sunny is posing for the fans and enjoying their cheers, Valentine uses the opportunity to jump him from behind.

Valentine has him on the ground and keeps leveling punches. Sunny tries to fight his way back to his feet, but his blows barely seem to phase Valentine. Valentine brings Sunny up only to snapmare him right back down to the mat. Valentine backs up, takes a run from behind and somersaults over Sunny while snapping his neck. Valentine tries for a pin but only gets two.

As Sunny sits up, Valentine delivers kicks to the back and a stiff punch to the back puts him down. Valentine picks him back up, sends him off the ropes and delivers a sidewalk slam. Valentine is off the ropes and drops the leg, a la Hogan.

He attempts a very arrogant one footed pin and deservedly doesn’t get the three count. Warcloud again tries to fight back. Valentine drags him to ropes and proceeds to lay him across the second rope choking him. He breaks before the five count and does it again. Sunny is hacking and struggling for breath. Zane snaps him back into the ring.

Valentine gets Sunny to his feet, sends him into the ropes and delivers a scoop powerslam. He goes for the pin but Sunny kicks out at two. Valentine complains to the ref about the count, suggesting it’s too slow. He says the ref screwed up. To senior referee Steve Doussaud’s credit, he stands his ground claiming “I don’t screw up”.

Valentine has Warcloud face down on the mat in a full nelson. Warcloud powers up to his feet and then delivers multiple elbows to break the hold. Before he can try and take control, Valentine pulls him down to the mat by his hair to halt the comeback.

Valentine Irish whips Warcloud into the corner. He builds up some speed and tries to hit Sunny with a big shoulder, but Warcloud moves out of the way just in time! Warcloud takes him down with a stiff kick. Off the ropes with a flying forearm, Warcloud rolls him over for his first attempt at a pin but only gets two.

Warcloud gives him another stiff kick then tries to send Valentine off the ropes. Valentine blocks the move by holding on to the top rope. He does it a second time. Finally after some more offense, Warcloud is able to throw him into the ropes and catch him with a huricarana. Valentine is up at two.

Sunny heads up to the top rope and misses with an attempted frogsplash. Eventually, both are back up to their feet and Valentine gets him in the full nelson again. Out of nowhere, Sunny reverses it into a backside slide and gets the victory!

Post match, Valentine goes berserk in the ring. Valentine slams Warcloud off the apron on the outside of the ring not once but twice. He throws him back into the ring, and delivers a vicious full nelson slam. Warcloud may have got the win, but Valentine definitely left his mark in this one.

Match 2 Wesley Pipes vs General Duce

Next up, vampires! No wait, it’s actually Wesley Pipes, and he has some fantastic music . When he gets into the ring he calls for the mic. Pipes confirms something I had already suspected. He says he is NOT afraid of James Steele.

In fact he clarifies what happened at Quest for Gold. For those who missed it, Pipes was involved in the championship scramble. When El Handsimo removed his mask and revealed himself to be James Steele, Wesley Pipes took off running for the back causing both to ultimately be disqualified.

Pipes tells us that at the exact moment that Steele pulled his mask off, Pipes (who has fantastic hearing it seems) thought he heard his cell phone ringing. As a result, he ran to the back hoping to get there before it went to voicemail. Makes perfect sense. For some reason the crowd, however, is not buying it.

Queue the music of General Duce and the fans erupt! He’s carrying our beloved Canadian flag! A Wesley Poops chant starts. Poops, I mean Pipes, is not impressed.


The referee calls for the bell. Tentative start as they circle each other in the ring. Duce encourages the Wesley Poops chants. The unbiased official laughs. They lock up, and Pipes powers Duce into the corner. Duce actually backs his way up the ring post.

Pipes slaps him, but it doesn’t work out so well as Duce comes flying off the top corner and takes him down. Stiff punches by Pipes, then he sends Duce into the ropes but Pipes misses with the kick to the face. Duce takes him down.

Pipes is back up to his feet and offers a couple of Flair inspired backhands before dropping Duce to the mat. Duce is on the ground getting kicked mercilessly. Duce punches his way up and out. Pipes goes off the ropes and delivers a flying cross body. Pipes, however, catches him, hoists him to shoulder and drops him to the mat.

Pipes moves on to deliver some forearms, then some uppercuts and finally sends Duce back down to the mat. Pipes asks a kid from ringside if he wants a piece of him. More ringside challenges follow. Duce is still trying to get back up to his feet and is laying himself across the ropes.


Pipes takes advantage of this situation and straddles him, choking him on the second rope. The ref issues the mandatory count and Pipes finally breaks at four. Ref reminds him to keep it clean.

Lets go Duce chants start. Pipes slingshots him off the ropes once, misses with an elbow, but catches him on the second crossover. Pipes goes to the floor outside the ring and challenges a baby to a fight (sic)! This little guy might be a couple of months old, but I swear I heard him say he could take him.

While Pipes is doing his best to intimidate his future opponent, he gets attacked from behind by Duce. Duce throws Pipes in the ring. Pipes picks him up over his shoulder, and hits with running shoulder drop on the knee.

Pipes asks the crowd where the Duce chants are now. Off the ropes, and he drops the leg for a count of two. Duce is hurting. Pipes picks him up and transitions him from what looked like a whirl slam into a powerbomb. That’s gotta be it. 1, 2 , and Duce kicks out!

Pipes is visibly frustrated. Duce is back up. Duce ducks a kick from Pipes and then hits the ropes into a flying clothesline sending Pipes down to the mat. Kicks to Pipes shoulder while he’s still on the mat. Duce is going upstairs to the top turnbuckle. He gives us a quick salute and then drops a Savage inspired flying elbow.

Pipes shows some resilience, though, as he is out at two. Duce wants this over, but wait a minute, jawbreaker by Pipes. Duce crawls into the corner. Pipes heads across from him and then attempts a spear but misses, hyper extending his shoulder into the steel corner ring post. Pipes has Duce into what looks to be a crossface. Duce is fading but wait…

James Steele comes out of nowhere and hits the ring! He tries a superkick but Pipes ducks and bails out. Steele is in hot pursuit and they head through the curtain. As everyone is focusing on this, out comes The Sheik!.

He’s on the floor taunting Duce. Duce is daring Sheik to get in the ring. I suspect he’d love to get his hands on him to exact a little payback after Sheik cost him his match with Rasool at Quest for Gold. But before Sheik can climb in, Rasool sneak attacks Duce from behind!

Rasool lays out Duce and leaves him unconscious in the middle of the ring. The Sheik grabs the Canadian flag and tells everyone he’s taking it with him because they don’t have any toilet paper out back. What?

The ref calls the match a no contest and the crowd revolts. They clearly think this one should have gone to Duce after both Sheik AND Rasool interfered (not to mention the fact that Pipes, his original opponent, is nowhere to be seen while Duce is still in the ring). In any event, Duce is just starting to realize that his flag is gone. This one’s in the books.

Segment two – Raj Mahal is interrupted by Josh

Coug welcomes out Raj Mahal to the ring. Raj looks to be in a serious mood tonight, and in fact calls for them to “cut the music.”

Mahal says he wants to get right to the point. He’s been in the company for four years now. He says that he is tired of Josh claiming that Raj has not beat him. He says he wants Josh tonight, in this very ring, to beat the hell out of him. He says he wants to win the briefcase and challenge Dick for the belt. It doesn’t take long before Josh comes out to respond.

Josh asks if Raj is jealous. Jealous of his money, his cars, his life and everything about him. Josh says Raj has had chances to get to the next level here in the XWA but he has not done it. He asks Raj why Josh should put the briefcase on the line in any match. Josh ends the segment by saying he’ll think over Raj’s request for a match, But in the meantime, Josh tells him to have a match with KI Real.


Match 3 KI Real vs Raj Mahal

And with that I guess it’s time for our next match as out comes KI with Mr. Wallace. The crowd is really getting on Real and Wallace to the point where Wallace asks one of the youngsters at ringside if he needs a muzzle. This only riles them up more, and the fans continue to give it to Wallace.

Raj says he doesn’t want to fight Real, and tries to leave. But Real didn’t come all the way out here just to go back to the dressing room it would seem, and ultimately he baits Raj into a match. The bell rings and Raj, seemingly annoyed at Real’s insistence on the match, is on top of him from the get go. He takes him down in the corner and proceeds to stomp a mudhole in him (subsequently walking it dry).

Jawbreaker on Raj and Real is up in the corner. Real throws Raj into the opposite corner. Real walks over and attempts to follow it up with kick but Raj blocks it. Chops from Raj on Real and then double slaps to the chest. Off the ropes into Real and he is down from a stiff shoulder block.

Wallace is up to the side of the ring. Real takes this opportunity to sneak over and clock him with a low blow. Raj is down on his knees. Real with a forearm to the back and Raj is all the way down now. Real picks him back up and goes for suplex. He executes it clean than takes a moment to ask the crows “what’s my name?” What’s next, guessing his favourite colour?

Raj is up but misses with a punch. Real tries for sideslam, but Raj blocks. Elbows to the head now by Mahal. Raj delivers a sideslam of his own instead. Mr. Wallace is up on the apron again.

Real tries to hit Mahal with the chain, but Raj reverses it and DOWN goes Real. Raj rolls him over for the pin and gets the 1-2-3. Well that certainly didn’t go as planned.

Raj is pumped, and is calling for FRAT (Josh more specifically) to come out and fight. Out comes Josh. He has his briefcase and the mic. Josh asks if he still wants to fight for the briefcase (rhetorical question really). Josh says he will defend the right to bear the case, but not tonight, next month. But only on one condition, if Raj puts his career on the line. WOW…

Josh offers him a chance to think about it. What seems like perhaps a generous gesture quickly exposes itself for what it really was. The other members of FRAT attack from behind, and once Mahal is down, Josh comes in to help. They take their XWA Tag Team Championship belts and deliver crushing blows to the back of Mahal’s head. They are about to beat him down further but the Wave Riders are out to make the save.

FRAT scatters and head to the back while Raj holds the Wave Riders hands high, thanking them for bailing him out.


Segment  four – The champ speaks

We’re back after the intermission and Coug introduces us to the newly crowned XWA Heavyweight Champion, Dazzling Dick Durning. Dick’s music hits, and he’s through the curtain with the belt he captured at last months’ Quest For Gold. He’s sporting some bandages in the shoulder and rib area. Any time you are putting your body on the line in a steel cage match you almost have to assume you’re going to have some lingering injuries afterward.

Dick says that for the past two weeks he has held the belt longer than he has over the past two years. He recaps a bit of what happened last month at Quest For Gold, and then acknowledges that at least one man now considers Durning as his prime target...Josh Kotsabasakis.

He lays the belt down on the mat and says that if he (Josh) wants the belt, come and get it. Dick says that if Josh doesn’t come out to face him, he’ll go in the back and get the case himself.

Heath's music hits and he limps down to the ring. As he steps through the ropes, Dick backs up with the belt. A random fan in the crowd yells “he said bring out the championship case, not the mental case.” Ahem…

Heath says he could come out here and say he could have beaten him any time. He could claim foul or make excuses. But the fact of the matter is, everything he did, he did for that (pointing to the belt). Heath says he is a bigger man than anyone out here tonight (pointing to the fans at ringside). He says that at Quest For Gold (as both guys get right in each others face) the better man won. Randall, in an apparent gesture of good sportsmanship, extends his hand to Dick.

Dick, for reasons which should be obvious to most, isn’t so quick to embrace him. He says how dare he come out here and want to shake my hand and pretend that nothing ever happened. He reminds Heath that he punched his wife, he stabbed him in the eye and put his hands on his child.

Dick says that he won the match because he has heart. Heath lost and the better man won. Durning looks pensively at Heath for a moment and utters the statement “in the words of the Trailer Park Boys ‘I don’t think so Jim’”. Crowd pops as they clearly didn’t want any part of a truce between these two given the actions of Heath over the last year. Durning looks at Heath one last time, steps through the ropes and heads to the back. Just then, someone’s music starts…

The crowd is excited but not everyone is quite sure what’s up just yet. A video is playing on the screen. Dick even stops on his way to the back to see what is going on. After about 15 seconds or so it becomes evident…someone is making their return, and it is none other than...John Striker… Wo

For those who don’t know, Heath was the man who put Striker out of action a year ago. Heath decimated Striker’s knee after repeatedly crushing him with multiple steel chairs. Striker was forced to undergo surgery to repair a cracked patella and a torn ACL. Judging by how Striker is making way to the ring tonight, his leg is doing just fine now, thank you very much.

Heath is quick to go to what seems to be his weapon of choice, the steel chair. As Striker comes through the ropes, he heads for Heath. Heath swings for Striker but misses. Striker delivers a spinebuster to Heath leaving him gasping for breath. Striker lifts him up and F5’s him head first onto the steel chair. Karma sure is a…

Striker’s music hits again and he stands tall over Heath whose lights are out. The ref throws up the dreaded x. The medical team must still be busy doing cursory checks on Raj so they ask the security team to assist in getting Heath to the back for attention. Striker is still standing in the ring with chair in hand.

He slams it to the ground in an almost cathartic manner, perhaps exercising some demons he’s carried with him for the past year. He’s up to the corners for everyone to see. Striker, in case you didn’t know, is back!

Match 4 Julius Fantana vs Johnny Versace for the Elite championship

Fourth on the docket is Julius Fantana defending his newly acquired XWA Elite Championship against Johnny Versace. This will be Fantana’s first title defense after regaining the strap at last months event.

First out is Versace. He stops along the way to greet the kids with Fantana masks. For some reason the kids are hostile and are booing Versace. Nice guys sure do finish last. Versace is into the ring and is met with chants of “greaseball”. This may be a long night for Versace.

Next out in typical Julius Fantana fashion is the Cuban missile himself. Fantana is waving some new glowsticks. They match his revamped wardrobe which includes a new mask as well as hooded jacket. There are already some kids in the audience who are sporting the new mask and Fantana tries to high five as many as he can.

Meanwhile, the “greaseball“chants have Versace visibly frazzled. Julius asks the crowd “who wants to see me beat a greaseball?” Crowd of course cheers suggesting that, yes, he has their full support. Fantana eventually walks to the middle of the ring offering to shake Versace’s hand. Versace pulls back and shakes grease at Fantana. Ew…

Finally we get the bell and our first contact. They both lock up and Versace uses his upper body strength to take Fantana into the corner. Ref asks for clean break and, to many people’s surprise, he gets the clean break. Versace claps for himself, seemingly proud of his actions. Fantana acknowledges with small clap although he appears just a bit less impressed. Versace has him in arm bar, which Fantana reverses. Versace is into the ropes for the break.


Lockup again and Versace first goes into a hammerlock, which Fantana reverses. Versace counters again. Fantana stamps on Verasce’s foot distracting him and reverses the hold one last time before Versace to the ropes and Fantana has to break the hold. Lockup again. Versace has Fantana in headlock. Fantana reverses it and takes Versace down with a hip toss. Versace punches his way out. Kip up from the mat by Fantana. Fantana tries to throw Versace off the ropes but Versace is able to block it.

Fantana gets Versace in a headlock. Versace punches Fantana in the side to break the hold. Versace lifts him over the ropes to the outside and Fantana lands on the edge of the apron. He punches Fantana in the face which sends Fantana to the mat where he smacks his jaw.

Versace eventually heads to the outside where they exchange punches. Versace is woosy. Fantana slips back in the ring, and then goes jumps to the top of the rope. Fantana launches himself back outside with a crossbody taking Versace down hard to the floor. That hurt both men.

They’re back to their feet although Fantana seems to have shook it off quicker and in doing so, delivers a reverse 506 between the mat and bottom rope which knocks Versace back down outside the ring.

Fantana tries to get him up to his feet but Versace gains control. Versace is now hammering Fantana relentlessly. Versace throws Fantana back in the ring and he quickly follows. Versace irish whips Fantana into the corner. He follows up with stiff kicks to the stomach of Fantana.

Versace lays Fantana down face first on the mat pointing at the corner ring post. He heads outside to grab Fantana’s arm, pulling Fantana’s shoulder directly into the post. You can almost hear bone crunching.

Versace is in and snapmares Fantana into the middle of the ring, he goes for a pin but only gets two. Versace follows up with a swinging neckbreaker for another two count. Versace delivers knee drops to the head on Fantana. Versace pulls Fantana up and  delivers an inverted atomic drop sending him right back down to the mat. Fantana has eaten a LOT of offense so far tonight.

Fallaway slam to Fantana and he must have bounced a foot of the mat. Verasce breaks out a nerve hold and is really cinching it in. Fantana is struggling to get out. He’s finally up to his feet and delivers some stiff elbows to the gut of Versace to break out. Versace has him in a headlock now and Fantana runs up the turnbuckle and springboards into an attempted DDT.

But Versace is able to counter. He positions Fantana so his feet are hanging over the edge of the top rope. He appears as if he is going to attempt a Randy Orton inspired DDT from this position but instead delivers a singing neckbreaker.

Versace follows that up with a big power slam to Fantana which leaves him looking like he is about ready to throw up. Versace smells blood. He’s taking his time as he goes up to the second turnbuckle, dives for a forearm, and MISSES!

Fantana is back up to his feet. Huricarana on Versace and Versace is dazed. Fantana works Versace into the corner and starts driving the shoulder into the midsection of Versace. Versace lifts him up and over to the outside of the ropes on the apron but the control is quickly reversed.

Fantana kicks him in the stomach through the ropes, then follows it up with more shoulders to the midsection through the ropes. Versace tries to suplex Fantana back into the ring but Fantana blocks. Fantana flies over the top rope (and Versace) and tries to roll him up for the pin. Versace reaches back, however, grabbing the ropes for leverage and attempts a pin of his own.


Ref catches him holding the ropes and calls for the break. Verasce let’s go but decides to argue with the ref instead of following up with his opponent. Fantana seizes this opportunity and demolishes Versace with a spinning kick to the head. Versace falls into the perfect position for the follow up 506. Fantana hits it sending Versace to his back. Fantana calls for the 450 and heads up to the corner before leaping to the mat below! He nails the move and pulls the leg of Versace back to get the three count and in the process, he retains his Elite Division championship belt.

Great back-and-forth match with the fan favourite coming away with the victory.

Match 5  Wave Riders vs Gyration Nation (c)

We’ve reached the point in the evening where it’s time for the main event. Gyration Nation and the Wave Riders have faced each other before and the matches have always proved to be more than entertaining. No reason to think that tonight is going to be any different.

Out first are the challengers, the Wave Riders. The crowd is definitely behind these guys, and we’ll see later on if they ultimately need to draw on them for some support. Our referee for this contest is none other than Steve “No Nonsense” Doussaud, who is taking a moment to instruct the Wave Riders to keep it clean tonight. I’m not sure they’re the team Steve needs to worry about keeping honest. But he IS an unbiased official, and he’s just doing his job. Cursory pat down ensues.

Gyration Nations music hits and Chip Chambers and Dale Dangles make their way towards the squared circle. Dale takes the opportunity as he circles the ring to remind the fans that they are all ugly and that he is very attractive. Consider that your public service announcement for the event. The guys are sporting some sweet cheetah tights tonight and are shaking their derrieres for all who are willing to drink in the excitement.

Tonight Josh is out with the mascot de jour, a stuffed zebra. Josh also takes this opportunity to deliver a wedgie to Steve the ref. That doesn’t seem wise. Josh continues to make fun of Steve and must have finally pushed the wrong button. Suddenly, Steve is sporting some sweet sunglasses and is proceeding to tell Josh that he…is…OUTTA HERE!!!

What started out as a potential three on two handicap match (if Josh is at ringside he always seems to get involved in the outcome) has reverted back to a traditional tag team match. What a novel idea. This bodes well for the Wave Riders if they are to have any chance of coming out of this match with the gold.

It doesn’t take long for the two teams to get up in each others face and before you know it, the Wave Riders are chasing Gyration Nation around the ring. They ultimately find themselves all sliding back into the ring and the battle continues. Gyration Nation end up taking control and send Mikey Rave to the outside. Dale is out and I think we finally have the bell to signal the official start to this encounter.

By default it looks like the two legal men to kick it off are the two left in the ring, Chip and Kayden. Kayden is getting in some good early offense eventually sending Chip back to the outside. Kayden follows and after a few stiff forearms, he delivers a nice suplex to Dale on the concrete floor. Dale is cringing as he sits up. The look on his face that move definitely hurt.

Kayden picks him up and asks one of the kids at ringside to offer up his boot. Kayden takes Dale and bounces his head off the youngsters shoe to the delight of the fans. Kayden tags Mikey in and he’s ready to inflict some damage of his own. Before Kayden heads out they engage in some double team work. First they deliver some double kicks to the solar plexus of Dale, then go upstairs for dual kicks to the head.


Kayden is barely out and he’s tagged right back in again. Mikey delivers a suplex to Kayden so that his back lands on Dale’s chest. As Mikey slips out of the ring, Kayden turns over on top of Dale for the pin, but only gets a two count.

Another quick tag to Mikey. Kayden slings Dale into the corner and before he heads out, he Irish whips his legal partner Mikey into Dale somewhat sandwiching him in the corner. The action has been fast and furious so far.

In perhaps a last gasp of remaining strength Dangles delivers a sitout powerbomb on Mikey. He’s been eating a lot of tag team offense from the Wave Riders and needs to get the tag. Sure enough, he finally makes it to his corner and tags in Chambers. He immediately delivers a swinging sidewalk slam to Mikey to get a two count. Mikey is now getting a severe beatdown by Chambers. Chambers is the freshest of the combatants and has a lot left in his tank.

Mikey catches Chambers with a boot to turn the tide ever so slightly. He follows it up with a big suplex. Mikey positions himself for a for lionsault off the second rope but misses. Chambers goes up to the corner turnbuckle and delivers a big boot sending Mikey down. Chambers tries for the pin but he only gets a two count. Dangles is on the apron and asks the crowd “how sexy was that move?” No comment…

Chambers tries to deliver a pedigree but Mikey reverses it into a back body drop. MIkey tries for the quick pin but Dangles is in to break it up. Mikey is up and delivers a double underhook suplex to Chambers. One, two, and ALMOST three! That’s about as close to a pin as you can get.

Chambers digs deep and is able to pick Mikey up bear hug style. As Chambers falls backwards, he drops Mikey face first onto ringpost. He follows up with a high kick to the face. Mikey is sitting in the corner dazed.

Chambers picks Mikey up on his shoulders (facing him) and in the process makes the tag to Dangles. While Chambers carries Mikey and gets in position, Dangles climbs up in the corner and performs a flying somersault that doubles as a snap mare to Mikey off the top of Chip’s shoulders. I can’t say as that I have ever seen that done before.

That looks like it almost took as much out of Dangles (who is now the legal man) as it did Mikey. Both are down on the mat in some significant discomfort. Eventually they get to their feet and break the 10 count. They are clearly both still a little dazed as both men go off the ropes only to run directly into each other. The collision sends them right back down to the mat.

Kayden and Chambers both take the opportunity to enter the ring to join the action. Chambers eats a gutbuster by Kayden. Mikey ends up rolling out to the floor and Kayden staggers to his feet. As this is happening, Chip and Dale (Walt Disney reference for those of you who are paying attention) are in their own corner. Oh oh, Dale looks like he is powering up for the locomotive.

Dangles is huffing and puffing and stomping his feet as he waits for just the right moment. He’s got Kayden lined up in his sights and off he goes. At the last second Kayden has the presense of mind to step out of the way leaving referee Steve Doussaud to eat the splash, subsequently going down in a heap.

Dangles is down recovering from his own move and the Wave Riders try and pounce on the opportunity. They are now double teaming Chambers with a series of power moves resulting in a pin opportunity for Kayden but to no avail. Steve is in no condition to count a pin let alone lift his head.

Is there a legal man or men in this match anymore? You tell me. Both Wave Riders are up to deliver top rope moves. First a huge five star frog splash to Dangles followed by a flying elbow to Chambers. Meanwhile referee Steve Doussaud is still taking a mid match nap and doesn’t look like he’s waking up any time soon.

Wait a minute. The previously banned from ringside Josh Kotsabasakis is out from the back and cleans Kayden. He proceeds to drags Dangles over and lay him on Kayden in a “pin attempt.” Next Josh is yelling to the back and calling for another referee to get out here and count the pin. Referee Matt Pettifer is on his way out with his gear on and appears ready to take over responsibility of calling this match with Doussaud still in dreamland.

Matt counts one, two, but no, he doesn’t reach three before Kayden shoots a shoulder up! You could argue about who is and is not legal anymore but it’s purely academic at this point. Kayden is finally up himself and is able to maneuver Chambers into position for a count but Josh is distracting the referee so the pin attempt is effectively negated. At this point we’ll say the legal men are Kayden and Chambers.

Kayden steamrolls towards Chambers to deliver what looks like another splash move. Chambers just gets out of the way, leaving Matt Pettifer to eat the move. I’m having déjà vu because now we have BOTH XWA officials on the mat. Law and order is effectively out the window. Josh is up on the apron with his briefcase and is readying to take out Kayden whose back is towards him. Before he can do the damage, Raj Mahal is out to grab the Roll The Dice briefcase and eliminate Josh.

Mahal is in the ring now and proceeds to slam Chambers. He walks over and picks up Kayden, and drags him over to Chambers. He lays his limp body on top of his fallen opponent and then heads for Steve Doussaud who appears to finally be gaining his wits. Doussaud moves into position and counts one, two, and three!!! New tag champs!!!

The crowd is going bananas and the “good guys” are standing tall in the ring. The new XWA Tag Team championships are the Wave Riders. Kayden gives Raj the Roll The Dice briefcase. Raj calls for the microphone. Raj proceeds to throw the case at Josh and tells him that if Josh can beat him, he’ll retire. Wow…

So that means on November 5th back here at Samuel de Champlan, it will be The Foreign Concept, Raj Mahal taking on Josh Kotsabasakis. If Mahal wins, he assumes ownership of the briefcase containing the contract for an XWA title shot any time, anywhere. But if he loses, then Mahal will be forced to retire forever from the XWA.

XWA Wrestling is Canada's premier independent wrestling promotion based out of Saint John New Brunswick Canada. More information on the promotion including recaps of past events as well as information on upcoming events can be found on their website located at:



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