Football Recruiting Process for Offensive Tackles and Their Average Size

Recruiting 101Correspondent IDecember 6, 2008

One of the more interesting pieces of the position by position football recruiting PDF was that I broke down the size that college coaches are looking for at different positions (This e-book is still for sale at only $5.00 so click here for more information).  This got me thinking about all the different sizes of players in all classes at different positions.

I decided to take a look at the top five teams in Division I-A (aka BCS), Division I-AA (aka FCS), Division II, and Division III as they were ranked in polls last week.  I looked up each school, their two starting offensive tackles, and how big they are.  The sizes of these athletes really varied from Division to Division and it is interesting to compare those starting at the highest level possible versus Division III starters.

Outside of the Division I-A level, all schools were hit or miss in trying to find out who the starters were.  Some programs had game day releases that broke down the depth chart and that is where this information was pulled. 

The athletes listed below were all listed as starters so keep that in mind as well.  I also decided to add their year in school so you can get a feel for how big they are at what year they are in college.  Onto the list:

Division I-A, aka BCS
Andre Smith | 6-4, 330, Jr., 2V
Drew Davis | 6-7, 300, Jr., SQ

Texas Tech
Rylan Reed | 6-7, 305, Sr., 3V
Marlon Winn | 6-6, 325, Jr., 2V

Adam Ulatoski | 6-8, 310, Sr., 2V
Kyle Hix | 6-7, 320, So., 1V

Jason Watkins | 6-6, 310, Sr., 3V
Phil Trautwein | 6-6, 310, Sr., 3V

Branndon Braxton | 6-6, 304, Sr., 3V
Phil Loadholt | 6-8, 337, Sr., 3V

Division I-AA, aka FCS
Appalachian State Mountaineers
Brad Coley 6-4, 285, Sr.
Jonathan Bieschke 6-5, 275, Sr.

Cal Poly
Art Munoz, So., 6-2, 270
Pat Koligian, Sr., 6-3, 270

Northern Iowa
Austin Howard (6-7, 301, Jr.)
Bob Swift (6-6, 315, Sr.)

Division II
Northwest Missouri State
Reid Kirby, 6-4, 300, Sr.
Jason Wiseman, 6-5, 265, So.

Central Washington
Mark Ellis 6-5, 345, Sr
Andy Cius 6-4, 295, Jr.

Division III
North Central
Zach Baldacci 6-4 245 Jr.
Joshua Delancy 5-10 280

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