North Carolina: One Of The Best Teams Ever?

Justin FiehrerCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

Now I know everyone has already heard a million different things already on North Carolina, but I was thinking: Is this years North Carolina Tar Heels Basketball teams one of the best teams of all time.

Now I know this season is only eight games in, but one has to ask themselves; Is this the best start to a season I've seen any team perform? I know so far I have been amazed at the ability and the talent that this team has. North Carolina has the potential to play any ranked team no matter who it may be and make it a blow out.

The starting five this year for the Tar Heels are Tyler Hansbrough. Ty Lawson, Dwayne Ellington, Deon Thompson, and Danny Green. Amazingly all five of these starters are averaging 13.5 points per game and up. This team is fast, strong, and one year more mature from last season. So you ask, what are the weaknesses of this team?

So far I have not found any the first eight games. Last season the only weakness on this team was the inability to play defense. They gave up too many points. So far, this has been fixed. Allowing just 66 points per game, averaging 12 steals and six blocks is remarkable, and beating up on each and every team they have played have so far proved this team is elite.

All eight opponents of North Carolina have not come closer than 15 points at games end. Granite Notre Dame was playing with a sick Luke Harangody, but at one point North Carolina was putting a beat down special leading by 23 points in the second half.

Whether it be a 35 point rout of the 12th ranked team in the nation, or a 68 point shalacking of UNC-Asheville, this Tar Heel team is showing no signs of letting up. So is there depth on this team you ask?

One may argue after North Carolina's starting five who will lead this team if another injury occurs if Tyler Zeller in fact will not return. Well, freshman Ed Davis has been showing his skills in over 20 minutes a game. If Davis can limit his turnovers he can be a go to guy on the bench. A returning healthy Marcus Ginyard will just and to the dominance on this team. A healthy starting five may be unstoppable come March.

Upsets happen but with five outstanding experienced leaders this team can reach milestones. Even if a team wants to run to try and tire one of the starting five, they will all be well rested. Not one of their starters is averaging 30 minutes of playing time, yet all are scoring at will.

I just feel the experience, the incredible coach, and health come March just makes a recipe for greatness. Tyler Hansbrough will not settle for less. He deserves nothing less. He has returned after three years of disappointment in the NCAA tournament. He will expect nothing less.