Sean Avery Shown The Door: Stars Are Shining

Dylan O'BrienContributor IDecember 5, 2008

So I'm sitting around on a Friday night watching a few Western Conference match-ups instead of going out partying with friends. If I wanted to see drunk girls throw themselves at hockey players, I would try to hang out with Sean Avery. Hockey just takes over my mind like that and never lets go.

Speaking of Sean Avery, today marked what seems like the final chapter in the "sloppy seconds" saga. Not only was Avery handed down a ridiculous six-game suspension plus anger management courses, but his name was removed from the official roster on the Dallas Stars website by the time the Stars took the ice for tonight's match-up against Colorado.

Apparently an off-color comment about some less than reputable actress, and generally acting like a clown on the ice merits anger management. Not even McSorley had to take anger management. And please correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't recall Rob Ray ever mentioning anger management as being an integral part to his "illustrious" NHL career.

Anyway, it looks like Avery is but a fleeting memory for Dave Tippett and the Stars, and they seem like a rejuvenated team in his absence.

The Avery-less stars have won two of three, largely due to the improved play of Marty Turco, who may have had a shutout tonight if it hadn't been for Marek Svatos' goal in the final minute of tonight's contest between the Stars and the Colorado Avalanche.

Turco was solid during overtime and the shootout, and the Dallas Stars came out with their second win without Sean Avery, and third win in their last four contests.

With the circus no longer in town, the locker room can finally be a calm, friendly place where true leaders like Brad Richards, Mike Modano, and Marty Turco can think about the game rather than what half-baked stunt Avery will pull next.

Sean Avery is just like one of those obnoxious ladies on those 'Real Housewives' shows on television. We watch them because we want to see what a complete buffoon acts like when the cameras are rolling. It's fun to watch, but when he's in your locker room,  its a distraction.

It looks like the Dallas Stars are finally playing like a hungry team, but more importantly a calm team. Without Avery in the lineup, the team seems more focused, and much more energetic.

Marty Turco stole the show tonight in net, making 25 saves and allowing only one goal. Hopefully this game is a sign of what's to come from Turco, who was absolutely stellar last season, leading the Stars all the way to Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Detroit Red Wings.

Maybe this is one of those re-collecting weeks for Dallas, and Turco and co. are finally ready to threaten in the Western Conference. Maybe. Let's not get excited just yet.

The rest of the Stars' season aside, one big question lingers: Now that the entire Stars' organization all the way down to the lowliest "ice girl" has denounced Avery as the anti-Christ, will any of the other 29 NHL GMs want to inquire to Assistant GM Brett Hull for Avery's services?

I, for one, would love to see Avery remain in this league. As I have stated before in previous work, I think Avery gets more exposure for this league than any other player around. Of course, true Canadien hockey fans won't agree with me, but the fact remains most Americans can only name a handful of NHL players and Sean Avery is one of them.

He's known not for his play as much as his antics. Remember the "Sean Avery Rule"? Those kinds of things happen because he's a classless hooligan, albeit a funny one.

After the whole gamut of slick-haired media puppets for the NHL murdered Sean Avery all week, I don't think any team in this league is willing to take a chance on this so called "PR Nightmare" who, in actuality, is more of a "wet-dream" for the NHL. He gets people interested in the NHL, bottom line.

All that matters now is that the stars have started a new chapter in their franchise's history, one that, in their eyes, won't be marred by the presence of the NHL's biggest star, Sean Avery.

I wish the best of luck to the Stars organization, but remember that old adage: One man's trash is another man's treasure. Picking up what Dallas threw out could turn the tide of some "lucky" NHL team's season, or it could turn out even worse than it did for the Stars. Regardless, people will tune in to see Avery play no matter what color his jersey is.

Some food for thought. Over and out.