2011 World Series: Rangers Look to Fire Lightning at Berkman and the Cardinals

Diamond NotesCorrespondent IIIOctober 17, 2011

Is there a strom brewing in Texas
Is there a strom brewing in TexasHarry How/Getty Images

In January ESPNDallas reported Lance Berkman told AM 1560 in Houston that the Texas Rangers 2010 success was a fluke.

"I feel like last year was one of those special years where you kind of catch lightning in a bottle and they got hot and they had some guys that I felt like were pitching better than their talent level, and consequently, they had a great year," Berkman said, according to ESPNDallas.com.

Berkman may have just been bitter since Texas was apparently one of the five clubs he instructed his agent to pursue. The Rangers had signed Adrian Beltre to a five-year $80 million contract. The signing of Beltre left no need for Berkman. Besides, with Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz their corner outfielders are just fine.

Berkman referred to the Beltre contract as "pretty much of a reach for him," according to ESPNDallas.com.

Sounds like Berkman had a grapevine full of sour grapes. Anyone who follows baseball just a little knows full well that Beltre is well worth his deal. He is one of the better fielding third baseman in baseball and finished 2010 batting .321 with 102 RBI for the Boston Red Sox.

Beltre followed up 2010 with a great 2011. He batted .296 with 32 home runs and 105 RBI in 124 games, helping lead the Rangers to another AL West Division title and their second consecutive trip to the World Series. Obviously, the Rangers are no fluke.

Lance Berkman and the St. Louis Cardinals, watch the weather report and be aware. There is lightning in a bottle down in Arlington, Texas, that is about to strike again.