Rutgers Smashes Louisville, Awaits Bowl Fate

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

In a game that was not supposed to be close, Rutgers went into action and quickly proved that they are both an underrated team, and a force to be reckoned with—to say the least. 

They also proved how far Louisville has fallen over the past couple of seasons.

A 63-14 drubbing will tend to do this for the winning team and for the pour souls on the other side of the field as well.

In this game, Rutgers was unstoppable.  Mike Teel threw for a team record seven touchdowns in his final home game for Rutgers, and almost everybody played great football for Rutgers from the opening kick-off. 

Louisville was practically done before they even started.  Going into the game struggling in every possible way, they were fighting to just keep their name in the discussion of possible bowl bound teams.

After this debacle though, who knows where Louisville will end up?  Even more importantly, who knows if they will even get into a bowl after a terrible final regular season game? 

These are questions that they have to worry about.  Rutgers though, they do not have to worry if they will get into a bowl, they will just have to worry about where they might have to travel to play in a bowl game.

Currently on a six game winning streak after a terrible 1-5 start, Rutgers ended their regular season 7-5 overall, along with a 5-2 mark in Big East conference play.

Almost nobody saw this coming from the Scarlet Knights, not even their own fans.  Rutgers woke up on time and saved their season.

No, they will not be going to a BCS Bowl game as they wanted to much earlier on in the season.

No, this team may not even make it into a bigger non-BCS bowl game either. 

But then again, with the roll that they are on, maybe they will. 

Most of the games count more towards the end of the season, and Rutgers not only has not lost for almost two months, they have also looked borderline unbeatable in these games as well. 

While not a threat to be in the Top 25 (as of yet anyway), this is currently a team that nobody wants to play.

In addition, the talk is around them that they are a team that is much better than their 7-5 overall record.

While there may be some more well known teams that they are competing for bowl placement with, such as Notre Dame, have faded down the stretch and have fallen hard.

This will not look good for some of these teams, even though they have tradition in their corner. 

Tradition can only take a team so far though.  College football is all about who is doing big things in the present day. 

Over the past couple of seasons, the Scarlet Knights have turned themselves into a great football school, and have gotten in better bowls each and every year as a result. 

What bowl will they end up in as a result in a couple of days? 

A lot has to happen before this confusing question will get answered, but if a few teams, such as West Virginia to name one, lose this week, anything can happen. 

While not actually predicting it, the Sun Bowl is a possible destination for this very dangerous football team. 

Will they make it here?  Only time will tell, but this much remains certain: even if they do not get into this bowl game, they will at least get into a game that the viewers recognize the name of. 

For a program still on the rise, this is yet another step in the right direction. 

One thing is for certain: whoever has to end up playing Rutgers will not be happy in the end, and they will have to play almost perfect football to take down this bunch in a bowl game.