What's With These Blackhawks?

Daniel Skiston Contributor IOctober 17, 2016

When I got home the other day and looked to watch a game, I got stuck watching the Raiders and Chargers. I started thinking...where the hell are the Hawks?!

What's with this year's schedule? Wait, it's not the three to four day layoffs that feel like a week before each game, it's me with anticipation about the next game. It's a feeling I've not had in a long time. So with all this time, I have some thoughts.

Andrew Ladd... where do I begin. First, he does have tons of talent and potential. But the Hawks got screwed. Tuomo Ruutu is going to set career highs in ever category this year.

What does he really do? You only see him playing the way he's capable of playing for about one or two shifts a game. Start living up to your talent, or get out of here!

Dustin Byfuglien, you get this year's Oscar for performance in "I am an NHL hockey player." Maybe that's a bit far on the Oscar, but come on big buf.

Like Ladd, he has tons of talent, but where has he been all year? Seven points in 20 games! I'm sure the transition to forward is a hard one, but he's showing nothing worth keeping. Trade him and bring up Kyle Beach or Akim Aliu. One of those kids can deliver one big hit a game, just like Dustin does!

Bring up Jack and give him a real shot! If he's not ready yet, will he ever be? He's played sixteen games out in Rockford, with seven goals and nine assists for sixteen points. With a game with the Bruins in March, maybe Skille and Kessel can rekindle some of their dislike for each other. That would definitely be a good battle to watch.

With every passing day, my favorite Hawk defenseman is closer to coming back! James Wisniewski, I've missed you. Wiz is one of the best at keeping them loose and having fun! With him returning Sopel should be out.

My crazy trade of the year Ladd, Bufuglien, Sopel, and Huet to the Wild for Gaborik!

Either way, those are my thoughts as I wait for a Hawks game to be on. Go Hawks and DETROIT SUCKS!