Big Ten Power Rankings Week 12: Did Michigan State Hold Their Heads Up at Iowa?

Lake CruiseAnalyst INovember 14, 2011

Big Ten Power Rankings Week 12: Did Michigan State Hold Their Heads Up at Iowa?

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    Did Michigan State University bury the memories of last year's debacle at Iowa City against the Hawkeyes? Was Iowa able to keep rubbing 2010's debacle in the faces of the Michigan State cheerleaders and football team?

    Last season, Michigan State was ranked No. 5 when they journeyed to Iowa City. But nobody told Iowa what was up. The Spartans left Iowa with their heads down and their egos shattered.

    Follow me in this week's episode of The Lake Report to find out who left with their tails between their legs this year, last weekend, at Iowa City.

    There will be some surprises along the way, including a rundown of the goings on at Beaver Stadium in University Park, State College, Pennsylvania. Don't miss your chance to smile. Maybe you in Indiana will find out herein, Hoosier daddies.

12. Indiana Hoosiers

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    The Hoosiers' (1-9, 0-6) Big Ten football opponents have been their daddies this season. But college basketball season has arrived.

    Since, for now, there is no NBA, IU basketball is the NBA in Bloomington. Don't get your bloomers in a bunch, but how do you like IU now, Big Ten football fans?

    Answer: you don't. But you do like their cheerleaders' facial expressions, I'd imagine. On the other cheek, though, the I in IU does not stand for idiot—as in Blooming Idiot.

11. Minnesota Golden Gophers

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    Three cheers for Minnesota for staying out of my No.12 location in this list.

    Now, the Gophers will try locating a Big Ten win next week at Northwestern. Hey, the gullible Golden may be the last cats in the Leaders Division, but they are in first place in terms of cool-looking uniforms...maybe.

    In any case, college hoops season is here. Hip, hip and hooray for Minnesota!

10. Illinois Fighting Illini

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    Were you gullible enough to believe Illinois could win the Big Ten Championship game this year? I hope not. If you were, then paint your face, run and hide.

    After starting out like champions, the Illini from Champagne have had more problems scoring than a non-drinking 1920's nerd on a Prohibition Saturday night.

9. Ohio State Buckeyes

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    Yes, if I were a gullible Ohio State fan, then I'd hide or paint my face and wear dark glasses on Saturdays.

    Ohio State certainly faced the nation and gained a power win by beating Wisconsin. But the Buckeyes lost to Purdue last Saturday.

    In other words, the Buckeyes got boils on their hidden faces. Contrarily, thank God I have the courage to show my (some cheerleaders say) handsome face.

8. Purdue Boilermakers

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    Purdue football is on the rise—in my powerful mind. At least, they were last week against Ohio State. Now, if the Boilermakers can keep it up, then they'll be bowling this year. Iowa and Indiana are next. The Boilers too can become Hoosier daddies.

    Purdue's matchup against the Hawkeyes is also a winnable game from the looks of things.

7. Iowa Hawkeyes

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    Iowa also definitely has a winnable game coming up against Purdue in Iowa City. In some others people's eyes, though, maybe not.

    Regardless of who blinks first, it's a good thing the Hawkeyes are already bowl eligible (6-4, 3-3).

    After not being able to rub the Spartans' faces in anything, Iowa will finish the season at Lincoln against a possibly very rejuvenated Cornhuskers team. I said, "possibly rejuvenated."

6. Penn State Nittany Lions

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    Instead of being rejuvenated, the Nittany Lions appear to be experiencing a major downer. I can't blame them.

    They played last week without Joe Paterno as the head coach for the first time since the Watts riots.

    It's unfortunate that the Lions experienced their own riot last week. Still, may God bless the alleged victims in the PSU sexual abuse of children scandal.

5. Nebraska Cornhuskers

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    Nebraska played Penn State in the mix of said scandal—and won. It had to be difficult for the Cornhuskers to focus, but they pulled the game out in the midst of a huge distraction for them as well.

    Big ups to Bo Pelini for getting his team ready to play at State College last Saturday. This was the first salvo in the protected Big Ten rivalry. It should be a good matchup through the years.

4. Northwestern Wildcats

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    Northwestern beat said Cornhuskers on November 5. But the Cats have lost to Illinois, Michigan, Iowa and Penn State this season. I have the Wildcats placed above Illinois, though, because of Northwestern's power-packing victory at Lincoln.

    Hence, there is no way I can place the Huskers above Northwestern in this list. While it may have been an aberration for Nebraska to lose to the Cats, I don't know that.

3. Michigan Wolverines

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    What I do know is that Michigan welcomes the team from Lincoln, Nebraska this weekend.

    The cheerleaders will be firing up the crowd at Michigan's almost 2,000,000-seat football stadium. Hopefully, the Huskers won't have Beaver on their minds—Penn State's Beaver Stadium, that is.

2. Wisconsin Badgers

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    The Badgers (8-2, 4-2) are behind the Beavers in the standings. But Wisconsin beat Minnesota for the Paul Bunyan Axe award last week.

    Surprise and surprise—the Gophers were officially eliminated from becoming bowl eligible.

    Meanwhile, Wisconsin moved to within a game of Penn State in the Legends Division. They'll meet on Saturday, Nov. 26. The Badgers have Beaver on their minds, even though the Penn State game is at Madison. But WU faces the punchless Fighting Illini next.

1. Michigan State Spartans

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    Moving on, the next Iowa episode proved to be a thriller for Michigan State. The Spartans did bury the memory of last year's 37-6 loss at Iowa City. Redemption came in the form of a 34-7 lead and eventual big victory.

    While Iowa was in the top five nationally for interceptions over the last four years, it didn't help them against Michigan State's offense.

    On the other hot hand, the Spartans (8-2, 5-1) will face the red hot Northwestern Wildcats on November 24. Before then, they'll be Hoosier daddies.

    While the Big Ten's division chases aren't over, this column is. I know you're sad about that, but join me next week on the next episode of Lake's Joe Paterno's Legacy Countdown Report.

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