Monday Night Raw: Why It Was Far Better Than You Think

Sexton HardcastleAnalyst IOctober 14, 2011

The reaction to this week's Raw from wrestling critics was scathing to say the least. From what I have seen, internet fans hated almost every part of the show.

Honestly, it's a huge overreaction to a show that hit some high notes. I attribute this to the overly high expectations fans have for the WWE. It's not the Attitude Era, and it won't be any time in the near future.

Look at the comment section of a WWE video on YouTube to see what I mean. Although they aren't the clearest representation of internet fans, you can see my point.

I wholeheartedly agree with the complaints regarding the main storylines on Raw. Too often in the last three months, the main storylines have been rushed. CM Punk's absence with the WWE Championship for example, and most recently the "walkout" of WWE superstars.

In my opinion, it's the WWE's reaction to a ratings drop, and they're rushing big moments to make up for it. Besides that, I actually enjoyed the opening of Raw, it was something we've never seen before and, with CM Punk on commentary, it was entertaining.

While I hate John Laurinaitis as an on-screen character (who doesn't?), his appointment as Interim General Manager of Raw leaves us with some hope. He is the Interim General Manager, hence he won't be around for long, especially considering how long storylines last these days.

Other than that, almost everything else on Raw felt like progress to me. Mark Henry's match with Randy Orton, while short, established a feud between Orton and Cody Rhodes, and left Mark Henry looking strong.

Christian's victory over John Morrison teased a forming faction with Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes and Jack Swagger. I think this is a perfect idea to give these superstars some TV time that they may not get if they were separated. I also like the idea of David Otunga joining them. 


The six-man tag match implied future matches between Mason Ryan and Dolph Ziggler, and AirBoom vs. (possibly) Jack Swagger and David Otunga.

Regardless of whether these are the perfect feuds for them, it at least is a feud. It's progress we didn't see six months ago.

I agree that The Miz and R-Truth's return may have been rushed, but I consider them the most entertaining act in WWE, so I have no real gripes with it. I'm happy they're sticking together as a team, and a match against Triple H and CM Punk may prove to be great.

Unfortunately, the worst feud in the WWE right now is the one that rightfully should be the best. John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio, while possibly appealing to some, is undeniably unjustified.

If you look back at the start of their feud, after SummerSlam, it was wastefully thrown together. There was no legitimate reason for a feud between them, as Del Rio cashed in on CM Punk.

Like two months ago, this match is unappealing, and I loathe the thought of a fourth John Cena WWE Championship reign in six months.

Nevertheless, I understand the critical opinion of WWE's rushed storylines, and the WWE Championship feud. However, in my opinion, Monday's Raw was far from terrible. The majority of the show made sense to me, and regardless of how the walkout storyline finished, I'm curious to see who takes over from Laurinaitis in the near future.

Wrestling fans could enjoy wrestling far more if they just tried to enjoy it instead of being critical of every move the WWE makes. That's just my opinion though. This week's Raw was far better than you think.

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