Look Out UFC! Bobby Lashley Is Eyeballing Brock Lesnar!

Tim ListAnalyst IDecember 5, 2008
Bobby Lashley is tired of being called The Next Next Big Thing.
The comparisons to fellow former WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar
have followed Lashley ever since he debuted in pro wrestling, and
continue to this day in the world of Mixed Martial Arts.
"The Mad Scientist" Paul Heyman is in a unique position to compare the two behemoths.
Heyman was Lesnar's on-air "agent" during Brock's meteoric rise to
fame in WWE, and was also lead writer on WWE Smackdown during
Brock's hot period on the show. Heyman also worked with Lashley in
OVW, and orchestrated Lashley's ECW Title win 2 years ago.
In today's blog, which is part of The Heyman Hustle series exclusively
on the Sun, Heyman also reveals -
  • Shocking similarities and differences between Lesnar and Lashley
  • Vince McMahon's original concept for Lashley in WWE
  • The fact one WWE writer nickname Lashley "Black Lesnar"
Key excerpt:

Lashley couldn't shake the comparison to Lesnar. When Bobby debuted on Smackdown in 2005, the writers saw him Brock Part Two.


Even during the time Lashley became the focus of a huge promotional push when he was "Donald Trump's hand picked WWE Superstar" in the Battle of the Billionaires at Wrestlemania XXIII, one writer would openly refer to him as ‘Black Lesnar’.

Of course, that was never said to Bobby's face.

Bobby Lashley was always presented with scenarios where he would be "someone else" in WWE.

Whether it was the idea of a modern day Sergeant Slaughter named ‘Army Sgt. Lashley’ - yes, Vince really wanted to do that with Lashley at one point – or, as Lashley still laughs about to this day, "a Mr T character screaming I Pity The Fool," - Bobby was never really given the chance to just be himself.

So as fate would have it, Brock Lesnar was already making a name for himself in MMA when Lashley made the decision to also leave the world's top pro wrestling organization.

And, based on his experience in amateur wrestling and outstanding physical attributes, it only made sense for Lashley to consider a career in mixed martial arts.

Once again, he appeared to be following in Lesnar's footsteps.

Bobby told me: “I can't change the fact Brock started in WWE before me, or that he made the transition to MMA before me, either.

“All I can do is concentrate on what I'm doing. I wrestled for 18 years, I'm a student of the game right now, I've been grappling, diligently working with a boxing coach, learning jiu-jitsu, taking this 100 percent seriously, and I'm amped for my fight."

Training at American Top Team in Florida, Lashley will debut December 13 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida.

He said: "I'm very happy to get the chance to prove myself as myself.

"I'm going in to win. I don't have to play any character except just be myself."

And as for the comparisons to Lesnar, that may never change.

Brock is now married to Rena Greek Mero Lesnar, formerly known as the three-time Playboy Cover Girl ‘Sable’ in WWE.

Bobby is the proud father of a healthy baby boy with former WWE Diva and recent Ms Bikini America contest winner Krystal Marshall.

Lesnar is the former WWE Champion who defied the critics and became the hottest attraction in UFC after debuting for the struggling K-1 Dynamite promotion at the LA Coliseum.

Lashley is the former ECW Champion for WWE who will debut for the struggling Mixed Fighting Alliance, which got the right to promote his debut after the American Fighting League collapsed.

So, since I have worked extensively with both, what do I think would happen if the two finally met, but not on friendly terms?

What would happen if Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley got it on?

Who would win if National Champion fought National Champion, former WWE superstar fought former WWE superstar?

Who would prevail as the 32 year old, 6'3'' Lashley went up against the 31 year old, 6'3 1/2'' Lesnar?

What would really happen if Bobby Lashley entered The Brocktagon?

It's a fantastic read,
and the entire blog is available here:
For an archive of all 20 episodes from the 1st season of
The Heyman Hustle, featuring interviews with Holly Madison,
Aubrey O'Day, James Lipton, Duff McKagan, Jesse Ventura,
The Naked Cowboy, Missy Hyatt, Ice-T and Coco, and many
more, check out www.heymanhustle.com  



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