All I Want for Christmas Is J.J. Hardy in a Dodgers Uniform

Jeff DickinsonCorrespondent IDecember 5, 2008

Here is an open letter to Santa from a diehard Los Angeles Dodgers fan. I stumbled on it while I was at the Post Office the other day mailing Christmas cards to friends and family.

It wasn't sealed, so I had to open it to see if it was a letter from a child to St. Nick asking for that special Christmas toy. This is what I read...

Dear Santa,

I need your help this year. I am a lifelong Los Angeles Dodgers fan and I need you to help me prevent them from doing something stupid.

Please don't let the Dodgers trade for Jack Wilson! Please do whatever you have to do to prevent the Dodgers from making this trade for a 32-year-old shortstop who is past his prime.

Even if you have to get the elves involved and take out Wilson's kneecaps or something (or perhaps place a call to Tonya Harding), that's fine. Just don't let my team make this kind of a mistake.

Wilson is a good defensive shortstop who can't hit his way out of a wet paper sack with a metal bat. He isn't fast, either, so he will steal about as many bases as Manny Ramirez.

And the worst thing about this situation is that the Dodgers are supposedly considering trading Chin-lung Hu and another young player for Wilson.

Hu is eight years younger than Wilson and is just as good defensively. He has also hit for power in the minor leagues. If the Dodgers aren't going to re-sign Rafael Furcal, then please don't let them make a desperate move like this to get a has-been like Wilson.

Santa, what I would really like you to do is to make a short stop (pun intended!) in your sleigh while you're flying over Milwaukee. Then I would like you to sprinkle some trade dust over the Brewers so they will trade shortstop J.J. Hardy to my Dodgers.

Hardy hit .283 last season with 24 home runs and 74 RBIs, for Pete's sake! I'll give up Hu, a couple of pitchers, some bats, balls and a Dodger Dog for Hardy. And Santa, the biggest kicker is that the Brewers are actively shopping Hardy, but the Dodgers are more interested in Jack Wilson!

Thanks for your help, Santa. I'll leave you some goodies next to the tree.

A hopeful Dodgers fan

P.S. Santa, could you also look into the rumor that the Dodgers are trying to include a package deal with Wilson that will also bring them Bill Madlock for third base? When the Dodgers get in desperation mode, they sometimes do dumb things (Darren Dreifort, Jason Schmidt, Andruw Jones, etc.).