Kurt Angle Returning to the WWE?

Joe Burgett @JoEburGett_WESenior Writer IIIDecember 5, 2008

Don't get too excited yet, but there are currently some credible rumors about Kurt Angle returning to the WWE. His TNA contract expires in the spring of 2009, and although there were talks about him going to MMA, he could be coming to the WWE.

Angle, according to the Wrestling Observer, is already in talks with the creative teams about a return. They believe if they can get him back in the WWE, that they could hit a bombshell of a storyline, provided they start it now.

The Observer went on to report that:

"It should be noted that these meetings are simply preliminary, and that no concrete decisions have been made by Kurt Angle in any way. WWE officials were surprised when Angle recently did a shoot interview speaking highly of WWE and even Triple H, which gave them the feeling that he may be more willing to return to the company than people had originally thought.

If Angle does return to WWE, we would most likely see him work a lighter schedule similar to what Shawn Michaels works, where he would appear on TV tapings, PPV's and the occasional house show.

It should be noted that although WWE would most likely bring Kurt back into the company if he wanted to return, there are those backstage who feel bringing him back would be a mistake as his departure to TNA two years ago was marred by controversy and his physical condition was a serious concern."

I think it would be an excellent move for the WWE to get him back. He was the No. 1 guy in the WWE before he left, and is currently the No. 1 guy in TNA.

He is still on semi-good terms with Vince McMahon, and all the storylines about Angle hating Vince in TNA are just that: storylines for TNA. Vince knows that and knows that in interviews about the WWE, he said things about the WWE that made them look bad.

He said things about TNA to make them seem better, but that's just part of the business and McMahon knows it. He would be ecstatic if he could take Angle away from rival TNA.

It would be a huge blow for TNA, however. They have already lost their top Knockout in Gail Kim and will possibly be losing Christian Cage.

You read that right, Christian Cage looks to be coming back to the WWE, too. Just like Kim, he was in the WWE, and one of the few to be a champion in both the WWE and TNA. The WWE wants Cage badly, and are expecting to get him as well.

With Angle looking to follow right behind, one would have to wonder if TNA could even sustain itself.

Who would step up for them? As I've said for over a year now, the young TNA talent like AJ Styles and Samoa Joe would need to. All the people you see in the Front Line are the people who need to step up.

This storyline they are doing is the best yet in TNA. They have Angle and all the veterans in the Main Event Mafia against Samoa Joe and AJ Styles and all the young bucks in the Front Line.

It seems to be the best because you have a vet in the ring against a young TNA original so the crowd can grow to love the young gun. Therefore, if a veteran leaves they can compensate for his loss.

TNA might be hit hard with all the losses, but if they can make their guys look good, they may be able to survive. TNA needs to think about that before it is too late.

We know that if the WWE wants a certain superstar, they will get him. That was the case with former WWE diva Gail Kim, who now is a former TNA Knockout and back with the WWE. To regain her services, the WWE nearly tripled her TNA salary.

So what do you think? Will Angle be back in the WWE?