My All NBA Team: The Harlem Globetrotters Circus Freak Show

Tyrone JonesContributor IDecember 5, 2008


That's the very reason I'm such a huge basketball fan. It's a circus freak show, c'mon let's be honest here, how many basketball pros are average everyday Joes?
If you give me names to that answer they're the kinda ballers I don't care for and you certainly won't find 'em on my team 'cause they make the game boring.

I like freaks, special people, creative minds, colorful personalities, strong characters, yea with some ego,  they're the spice of life. They’re usually the ones that succeed in life, that make it to the top because they dare to be themselves a hundred percent without compromising to the more traditional middle of the road flock of sheep.

Which brings me to the Harlem Globetrotters, same here, circus freak show that brought magic and smiles everywhere they performed and had this fascinated kid wondering why they didn’t play real NBA teams 'cause for sure they'd kick all of these pros asses just like they did the Generals'...

It could be about personality, physicality, mentality or all of these eccentricities but if they are on my team they are definitely something special. 'Cause I don’t care about just winning but about blowing the crowds mind, this is entertainment so let’s give the fans more than a basketball game, let’s give 'em a show, and not only a show but a spectacle performed by freaks of nature and make that a circus freak show!

Enter the Harlem Globetrotters Circus Freak Show (Sweet Georgia Brown whistle theme song playing in background)!


C - 62-63 Wilt Chamberlain

Where to start? A true freak of nature, some said he was the strongest fittest man in the world, who else could play every minute of every games while being hacked at continuously, double and tripled team yet still come up with the out of this world stats he put up game in game out? That while "entertaining" 20,000 thousand amazons on his spare time...And a real Harlem Globetrotter too!

PF - 91-92 Dennis Rodman

Freak of all freaks, Dennis self-created his unique game within a game and bad boy image within a bad boy league. Single-handedly responsible for the tattoo craze that hit all of the NBA bad boyz wannabe that followed in his worm trail. Arguably the best rebounder in NBA history, defensive player of the year all D teams.

You just can’t get bored when Dennis is in the house, from the all out game intensity to the ever changing hair color. Oh, and he did Madonna too...

SF - 75-76 Julius Erving
Dr J at his flying high n wide afro peak. Was the number one attraction of both ABA and NBA for most of his career. Pure poetry in motion, could improvise never before or after, seen acrobatic moves in mid-air. Could play both ends of the court with intensity, rebound, steal, block as well as fill and slam the hoop. The consummate basketball showman.

SG - 88-89 Michael Jordan
Everything has been said about His Royal Airness. Nobody has achieved what MJ has in his career. A freaky phenomenon of will to win, the leader of all leaders. The space jammer incarnate, the man who redefined the law of gravity.

He could come up with anything in any game at any time that was needed to change the momentum, turn a would be loss into a win, steal, block, three pointer, or even a little bit of yappin' he’d find a way, any way, to get it done. And of course his "curly hairstyle" is a longtime Globetrotter classic!

PG - 88-89 Magic Johnson
There could be no Harlem Globetrotters without some Magic. As if a 6’9" PG wasn’t freaky enough, the magicman played at all positions in his career, including at C in his rookie season, replacing an injured Kareem in the 1980 finals game six clincher. One of the most intelligent and aware players of all time who could also do everything on a basketball court. Just give him the ball and enjoy the magic!

Bench players, who could freak out and amaze any crowd and opponents for one reason or another.

Shaquille O’Neal
- Size, power, intimidation.

Dwight Howard - Superman, can fly.

Lebron James - King of the court, how can someone be that big, that fast and that good?

Kobe Bryant - The most complete and skilled baller of this present generation. Showman.

Oscar Robertson - Mister triple-double, nuf said!

Mugssy Bogues - The smallest but not the least.

Manute Bol - Just look at him, the fact that he can be that tall, that thin and not break into pieces is almost as astonishing as his blocking stats. BTW, he doesn’t even need to jump to block.