Terrorism: The Obstacle Between India And No.1 Glory

Nikhil NadipelliCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Not too long ago i wrote about the change that was all set to take place. That there will be change of guard at the helm in cricket. It all seems to be happening at least in the limited overs edition; Team India had emerged.

The English team knew they were facing a super power. They put up a brave face but it didn't matter. Match after match they were beaten and left clueless. Every member of Indian team performed. The score read 5-0. All that was expected was a 7-0 white wash.

Pieterson admitted his team would in no way find answers to India's questions, he even said that in no way India can be stopped.

Hey K.P, you are wrong! Change is the only thing that is constant. Terror strikes Mumbai. Oh there comes the change the last two ODIs are cancelled. The IPL champions league postponed, the test series in jeopardy; All of a sudden, ''the heaven looks like hell".

All those England cricketers, who were fighting with their board to let them play the IPL, suddenly and understandably do not want to return to India and the Australian media is calling India the same as Pakistan.

After 48 long hours, the terrorists were completely destroyed by the Indian Black cats. But the life is yet to get back to normalcy in Mumbai. Deep down, there is only one thing—FEAR. The damage had been done.

Mumbai will as well get used to all this, sooner or later, and life will go on as usual. But cricket in this part of the world may never be the same again.

Teams will fear to tour India. India will have to be satisfied with fewer number of games,if any. We should not complain. Cricket matters, but life matters a lot more to every human being.

Team India's pursuit of glory has slowed down, if not been completely hampered. Maybe much later they will succeed. But it is dependent on a lot more things. We have no control, all we can do is hope for the almighty to show some mercy on this talented side.