Manchester City and Carlos Tevez: Where the Argentine May End Up Come January

Cameron OliverContributor IIOctober 14, 2011

Manchester City and Carlos Tevez: Where the Argentine May End Up Come January

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    So, the writing appears to be on the wall for Carlos Tevez.

    After returning yesterday from a two week suspension for his apparent refusal to come on as a substitute against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, he was forced to train alone.

    Coupled with Manchester City's announcement they intend to pursue disciplinary proceedings against Tevez for breach of contact in regards to the above incident, and the lack of support from both from his team mates and his manager, Roberto Mancini, it would seem unlikely that he will ever turn out for the Citizens again.

    With the January transfer window approaching it would provide the perfect opportunity to jettison the unsettled striker, but the question is who would take him?

    A combination of a big asking price, huge wage demands and the recent unprofessional behavior will make him an unattractive prospect for most clubs. However, there's no denying his talent and, despite the recent controversy, he would walk in to most starting sides.

    So who would be prepared to take on the troubled Argentine? Here are my thoughts...


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    It may be early days in Serie A, but Juventus have started well, unbeaten in their first five fixtures including a victory over last season's champions, AC Milan, last time out.

    Juventus have been a shadow of themselves since the match-fixing scandal that rocked Italian football, which saw 'the Old Lady' demoted to Serie B. However, a strong start to the campaign has seen some speculate as to whether they may be title contenders this season.

    Over the summer, Juve were linked to a host of big names, including new City signing Sergio Aguero, and were one of the more repeated names when Tevez publicly announced his desire to leave.

    The Argentine striker would no doubt bring fresh impetus to an aging squad, but it remains to be seen if Juve can meet City's asking price and Tevez's exorbitant wage demands.

Real Madrid

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    Here is one of the more obvious destinations.

    A move to Spain would certainly placate Tevez's desire for a warmer climate, and Madrid would satisfy his want for a more vibrant city—as indicated by his famous "two restaurants" comment regarding Manchester.

    So why Real? Well, they're only team with the finances to afford him. Once again, there was speculation linking the two parties over the summer, but whether or not manager Jose Mourinho would be willing to accommodate another huge ego in his squad is questionable. Tevez's recent behaviour will have done nothing to allay such concerns.

Anzhi Makhachkala

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    The Russian Manchester City.

    Backed by the vast riches of oligarch Suleyman Kerimov, Anzhi have already made waves when they made Samuel Eto'o the best payed player in the game with a reported wage of 20.5 million Euros a year.

    Already linked with a host of star Premier League names, including Steven Gerrard and Ashley Cole, and with a South American at the helm in Brazilian legend Roberto Carlos, a move for Tevez is not as far fetched as it may first seem.

    The biggest stumbling block would be the weather. Russia in winter is very cold. Very cold. Tevez has also stated his desire to be closer to his family in Argentina, and this would place him yet further away.

    But would he be able to resist the temptation should a huge offer come in?

Boca Juniors

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    The club where Tevez started, and a club where he has stated his desire to end his career.

    Obviously he would be welcomed back with open arms, but in truth this move is somewhat fanciful. It would require City getting nowhere near their valuation of the player as well as Tevez taking a drastic pay cut.

    Never say never though.


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    Corinthians came very close to signing Tevez in the summer, but a combination of financial complications and the closing of the Brazilian transfer window meant the deal fell through.

    Manager Edu has recently gone on record ruling out any move in the near future, but this is football ladies and gentlemen, and this could be a play by the Brazilians to get a better deal.

    Corinthians is where Tevez last played in South America before his controversial move to West Ham, and you can be assured such a move would certainly have him interested.

    Of course, whether he would want to go on a reduced pay packet remains to be seen...

Manchester City

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    Of course, this is more than likely.

    Rumours suggest City are asking in the region of £35 million for Tevez, and not a lot of clubs can come up with that sort of money. Also, such an outlay would represent a huge risk given his recent behaviour.

    Of course, then there is the big wage question. Tevez is reportedly on £250,000 a week at City and, considering he's contracted until 2014, an offer would have to come close to that figure.

    Roberto Mancini has claimed Tevez is "finished" at City, and I certainly cannot see him actually appearing on the pitch for the Citizens ever again. It's a question of whether they can cut him loose whilst getting their value for a talented, but troubled striker.

    So what do guys think? Have I missed anyone? Where do you think Tevez will end up? As ever, let me know in the comments section below.