Why Awesome Truth Should Face Undertaker at WrestleMania 28

Richard WarrellAnalyst IIOctober 14, 2011

Why Awesome Truth Should Face Undertaker at WrestleMania 28

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    Hold on, hold on. I can hear the rage and disapproval from here. But please, hear me out. This is not some Awesome Truth mark making a daring suggestion—more a cynic that realises a singles match will only disappoint us come WM28.

    This slideshow is built on the idea that The Undertaker's WM28 match—assuming it happens—has certain challenges to face, and certain goals to achieve. At this point, The Streak has built itself into such a legendary concept that finding a way to do it justice is damn near impossible for any one opponent. So how about two?

Challenge One: The Past

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    In the last three years, we have seen The Undertaker take on HBK twice, and Triple H once, in a trilogy of legendary encounters. Even his opponents in the two years prior—Edge and Batista—were high profile opponents with a legacy behind them to work off of.

    Is there anyone in the WWE roster right now who can compete with that? I don’t think any singles competitor can come under the kind of scrutiny this match will involve and come out unscathed.

Challenge Two: Finding Alternatives

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    Who else is there? John Cena’s WM28 match is already locked in.

    Looking at other main-event talents, I see CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio continuing to chase world titles for the foreseeable future. Sheamus will very soon be in that race too, and Mr. Rhodes is not quite capable of a match like this.

    Randy Orton or Kane? Both would both be capable of a solid, entertaining feud with The Undertaker, but also predictable ones. The build-up would not compare with their previous WrestleMania match-ups because it is that much harder to do with The Undertaker’s ever decreasing work schedule. The other name that keeps coming up is Mark Henry, but I think we need an opponent that is either a top-grade legend, or a younger star to put over. Henry is unfortunate enough to have hit his career peak too late in life for this.

    When trying to build a match comparable to Undertaker’s last four WrestleMania encounters, it is unlikely any of those names could cut it.

Goal One: Making a Credible Opponent

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    If one person is not a credible opponent to a force as powerful as The Streak, why not two then? This would remove the “Well if HBK couldn’t do it, who can?” discussion that will inevitably ensue if a singles match is announced.

    Both The Miz and R-Truth have proven capable of performing in the main event, which is of course the other criterion for being credible opponents. Neither is at the level where they can convincingly challenge Undertaker alone, but together they have stolen the show repeatedly as of late.

Goal Three: There Must Be a Logical Start to the Feud

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    With The Undertaker working a limited schedule, fitting him into a feud is difficult. Fortunately, Awesome Truth vs. The Undertaker can be written without a major contributing role by The Undertaker until the match itself. How? The Conspiracy.

    Think about it, who represents the WWE, and all that it stands for, greater than Undertaker? John Cena might be the face of the company, presenting the image the company likes to give off, but Undertaker has stuck by the WWE the longest. He has proven himself willing to fight dirty, and mercilessly—just like Vince McMahon and the WWE have—rather than the squeaky clean image Cena likes to portray. Just as WWE refused to die in the Monday Night Wars, so too does Taker insist on being victorious at WrestleMania, year in and year out.

    The Streak itself, just stinks of conspiracy. An impossible wrestling record at one event, from a man who when it is not WrestleMania season, is quite capable of losing? A streak powered by “magic”? Please. Like anyone believes in magic anymore. These are the questions that could run through the heads of Awesome Truth as they seek to uncover the powers that control the WWE.

    The start to this feud would be easy to write. Undertaker returns, instantly has his WrestleMania match green-lit despite having made no televised appearances since WM27, and this upsets Awesome Truth. They complain to whoever is running WWE at this stage (seeing as that seems a bit up in the air right now), but are interrupted by Undertaker, and forced to sign a WM28 contract on the spot. Simple.

Goal Three: The Feud Must Be Easy to Develop Once It Begins

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    Here is where it gets interesting. The Undertaker could play all his magic tricks that he has up his sleeve to intimidate Miz and R-Truth, leaving them guessing whether Taker’s powers truly are fuelled by dark magic rather than conspiracy.

    Awesome Truth could even seek the advice of HBK, who is now no longer under contract with WWE so “free” of its shackles to speak as he wishes.

    Awesome Truth are so good on the mic that they could make Taker conspicuous by his absence, which is often how he works best.

Goal Four: The Result of the Match Must Leave Legacies Intact

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    I do not think this feud should begin with a pre-planned winner in mind. This depends on factors such as Undertaker’s post-WM28 plans and fan reaction to the feud. More importantly, regardless of who wins, no one wants their legacy tarnished. The Undertaker means too much to the WWE Universe, whilst Miz has enough years left in the business that the WWE will want to continue to building him up as a powerful wrestler.

    At the end of the day, fortunately, if Awesome Truth lose, they still got a shot against The Undertaker at WrestleMania. These days, that seems almost as valuable as a World Title reign. Meanwhile, if The Undertaker loses, fans can blame the odds, and Undertaker remains undefeated in “fair” matches.

Additional: Could Kane Get Involved?

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    Here’s a bonus idea to throw in there—the last ride of the Brothers of Destruction. As Taker slows down, having a tag-team partner to help him out at WrestleMania might not be a bad idea. Someone to give him time to breath, someone else to take some of the bumps—and the only obvious choice would be Kane.

    With a tag-team as Undertaker’s opponents in this match-up, it would be a logical idea. It could make Undertaker winning more believable, and would allow someone to take the blame for the demise of The Streak if the Brothers were to lose.

    If Taker has an easier time at WM28, we might even see him back at WM29, if we’re lucky.


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