WWE Survivor Series 2011: John Morrison's Future Will Be Decided at PPV

Kevin StonebargerCorrespondent IINovember 19, 2011

This Sunday at Survivor Series, John Morrison will challenge Dolph Ziggler for the United States Title in Madison Square Garden. And no doubt about it, this match and its outcome will decide his future with the WWE.

Earlier this year, John Morrison was one of the fastest-rising stars in the company, competing in an amazing match with Miz for the WWE Title on the first day of the year, and stealing the show every time he was in the ring. Many called him a future world champion in the company, and he seemed he was heading that way.

But then came WrestleMania 27.

John Morrison was placed in a six-man tag match with Stratus, LayCool, Ziggler and Snooki of all people! I felt insulted that John Morrison, as well as Dolph Ziggler, was placed into a match that was nothing more than a publicity match to get more buys for the PPV.

Morrison, however, was reported to have been disrespectful to wrestling legend Trish Stratus, giving her the cold shoulder because his then-girlfriend, Melina, felt she took her WrestleMania spot. With Melina in his ear, he was reported to be disrespectful to Trish Stratus as a result.

Soon after, he was hit with a neck injury that kept him out of action for months, and when he returned, he was punished for his actions against Stratus and was put on a major losing streak, jobbing to other stars to make them look better.

Soon enough, reports surfaced about Morrison's contract expiring, and that he would not re-sign with the WWE. It seemed destined that he would leave the company and go to TNA.

But now it's all up in the air.

John Morrison recently broke his losing streak when he defeated Dolph Ziggler on Raw. The win shocked us all, as why would a man on his way out defeat one of the champions of WWE? And now he's got a title shot against Dolph Ziggler for his US Title at Survivor Series. This is something that shouldn't happen to a man about to leave.

So what is the future for John Morrison?

Now, I have been a big fan of John Morrison ever since late 2010. He won me over with his amazing wrestling ability as well as unbelievable parkour style. When he was taking off earlier this year, I was one of the people that was on his bandwagon more than anyone else, and I always thought he was world championship material.

And unlike many others who have turned their backs on Morrison so easily when this began, I have stuck by him completely, knowing that even though him losing was painful to watch, I had to endure and hope for the best. And when reports of him leaving surfaced, well, if that happened, I was willing to accept it.

But now Morrison has a huge chance to show he deserves to be in WWE. And let me tell you, this match, and how it will go, will decide his future in WWE.

Now, I will be honest, I was hoping for Zack Ryder to get the title shot at Survivor Series in MSG in front of his hometown, or to make it better, have it be a Triple Threat Match so everybody wins!

However, since we now have this match, Morrison's future rests solely on how this match will play out.

If he wins the US Title at Survivor Series, then Morrison's future with WWE will be assured. Why put a title on a guy who's leaving? It doesn't make sense, so if Morrison wins, you know that he's here to stay, and I will be happy for that.

If Morrison loses, however, then his future will be up in the air. Morrison's contract status as of now is something we just don't know, and we have no idea if he's re-signed or not. If Morrison loses this Sunday, then it will be a whirlwind of guesses and anxiety on Morrison's future until it's cleared up.

So with that said, I hope John Morrison wins the US Title at Survivor Series. Like I said, I'm a huge fan, and I want him to stay with WWE, as I think his talents will be wasted in TNA with how crappy they're doing. It would also rejuvenate his career and put him back on track. It could be a while before Morrison wins a world title, but Sheamus was in this exact same position, and when he won the US Title, everything slowly fell back into place for him.

If Morrison leaves, however, I will respect and accept it. Not everyone we love can stay with WWE, and sometimes fate leads to these situations. If Morrison leaves, I will wish him the best, I will follow him as best I can and hope he succeeds in his career wherever he goes.

All in all, John Morrison's US Title Match at Survivor Series is leaving us all guessing and wondering what will happen.

It's comparable to CM Punk's situation at Money in the Bank earlier this year. Punk's contract status was in the air, just like Morrison's, and we had no idea if he was going to win the title or walk out empty-handed. An air of uncertainty filled us all, and it was something we loved.

The same has befallen Morrison/Ziggler at Survivor Series, even if not on the same level. Morrison's future will be decided in the match, but no matter the outcome, be prepared for an epic, show-stealing match from these two phenomenal athletes.