The Unfortunate 10: The Top 10 Teams that didn't Win a Super Bowl

nick bowenCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2008

When you remember a Super Bowl, you usually don’t talk about the team that didn't win.

Now, with a shocking loss to the New York Giants, the New England Patriots are still obviously a great team, but now they are part of a not-so-elite fraternity. In this series, I am going to talk about the best teams not to win a Super Bowl. Here are my first three picks.

1979 San Diego Chargers

OVERVIEW: With Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, Charlie Joiner and John Jefferson executing the high-powered "Air Coryell" offense, the 1979 Chargers are one of the best teams never to make the Super Bowl. But this club also had notched nine blowout wins, scoring at least 26 points in 10 games and posting a plus-11 turnover margin. By the way, did I also mention the Chargers beat the two Super Bowl teams Pittsburgh and The Rams by a combined score of 75-23 during the regular season? Chargers fans cannot blame that particular failure on Marty Schottenheimer, a then-unknown linebackers' coach with the Detroit Lions.

1998 Atlanta Falcons

OVERVIEW:  I never would have considered the '98 Falcons for this list (and especially not this high.) But the numbers don't lie about the Birds: They defended their home turf with a perfect 8-0 mark in the regular season, tallied a monster turnover margin, and posted eight blowout wins. Throw in a shocking upset of the Vikings in the NFC title game and a respectable loss to John Elway's greatest Broncos team in the Super Bowl ... and you have one of NFL history's most underappreciated teams.