Peter Forsberg Back with the Flyers? Yes, Please!

Timothy WCorrespondent IFebruary 7, 2008

The Philadelphia Flyers sit in second place, three points behind the Ottawa Senators and one point ahead of their division rival, the New Jersey Devils.

It's an interesting predicament for the Flyers, who have seven players with 30 or more points. The top two are Mike Richards (60) and Daniel Briere (52).

Interesting, because they have a chance to reacquire Peter Forsberg, a mighty playoff giant.

Forsberg, who is 34 years old, has a foot and ankle injury after a fine season with the Nashville Predators last season. Forsberg has turned down offers from his team (Modo) in Sweden, because he wants to be back in the NHL.

In my opinion, the Flyers have nothing to lose in signing the Swedish forward. I am not a Peter Forsberg fan, but I am intelligent enough to realize what he can bring to a club.

Philadelphia is a different team than last season. If and when the Flyers sign Forsberg, the Flyers will be the team to beat this year, come play-off time.

As an early prediction, the Flyers will lose in the second round. I make this assumption only because they take too many unnecessary penalties and this will be their downfall.

True, they have the second-best power play in the league but this means nothing if you can’t keep your own club out of the box.

The best thing the Flyers can do before the end of the trade deadline is to be rid of Steve Downie. He is a goon, it’s been said many times, many ways, but he is, and he does not deserve to be with this club.

Signing Forsberg is the right choice as long as he stays healthy, which is a big gamble. It was the same for Eric Lindros and others with nagging health issues.

Forsberg won two Stanley Cups with the Colorado Avalanche proving he is a play-off monster and was chosen as the NHL's MVP in 2003. In foreign play, he became a force with Sweden and helped win two Olympic gold medals in Lillehammer ‘94 and Turin in ‘06.