Bryan Caraway's the Ultimate Fighter 14 Blog: Episode 3

Bryan CarawayGuest ColumnistOctober 19, 2011

Episode 3 starts off where episode 2 finished with me getting the win over Marcus aka "Darkness"! Mayhem talk about how my win set the tone for the Team and gets our moral up and puts another stab at Bisping! Then fight pick time, they show Dodson saying he pretty much on the other team and that he had been giving away all of our match ups and plans. At that time we didn't have a clue Dodson was giving up info about our team but bedford from the beginning thought something was fishy about Dodson. Then at Fight picks Ferguson aka Taz pulled out that letter that said F*** you Bedford so we knew someone was leaking info & Dodson was always hanging out with the other team......Hmmmmm.

Now a little behind the scenes action they didn't show! That night after the fight picks around 1 am when I thought the night was over and I was getting ready to hit the hay someone started a war and guess who??? Yep, AKIRA of course, he started a war against Louis, Dodson & Roland (which up until now Roland has been kind of a loner). So when I run outside to see what's going on I see Akira ducking, diving and jiving to dodge all the flying objects that they're throwing at him from the balcony lol and what do I see in Akira's hands, the freakin fire extinguisher which they told us NOT to touch. He finally makes it to the bottom of the balcony and starts throwing stuff back at them and starts spraying the fire extinguisher at them every time they look over the edge. It's actually pretty hilarious!! So when Akira finally runs out of things to throw at them he runs around to the kitchen where now John Albert AKA Prince is up from bed (remember this is all takin place after 1am) and Akira talks him into taping wooden skewers to his hands like Wolverine lol. He also convinces Prince to wear his swim goggles (which by the way looks absolutely ridiculous) and pretend he's Cyclops. Akira also tried to talk TJ Dillashaw AKA Wonder Boy to wear a metal rice cooker pot on his head lol and pretend he's magneto, but TJ doesn't go for it. So its Prince and SHakira vs Dodson, Roland & Louis as TJ and I stand by and laugh. Prince and Akira grab Mustard and a bunch of other stuff from the kitchen including the fire extinguisher to make their attack on the balcony. TJ and I watch them battle it out on the balcony as Akira sprays the fire extinguisher which runs out shortly then squirts mustard ALL over the place as they return fire with bottles of water followed by flour and muffin mix haha! Somehow the other guys get ahold of the mustard bottle and TJ and I agree its time to get heck outta there but I still ended up getting covered in water and some muffin mix myself! So we run outside, Akira jumps in the pool to rinse off then jumps out and takes Marcus Brimage AKA Darkness hostage with his "Wolverine" claws since Darkness is a part of their little click which ends up actually working because they get rid of mustard bottle. Louis ends up taking off Darkness's microphone and hands it to Peaches (Steven Bass) and then Peaches pushes all three of the guys in the pool and Louis gets out immediately and starts freaking out saying he still had his microphone on which a $2k fine if you ruin it, Peaches thought that Louis gave him his microphone not Darkness's and he assumed Darnkess and Akira had theirs off because they were by the edge of the pool & Akira was already soaking wet.....whoops! So Peaches freaks out goes inside calls the producer and luckily they saw it was an accident so they give him his one get out of jail free card so luckily for him he didn't have to pay the $2k fine. That pretty much concluded the night, it was a crazy one!

Next day at weighins Bisping starts making personal attacks on Mayhem saying he's the Strikeforce reject and where's his picture in the UFC training center. Then after that the guys weigh in, Ferguson tries to smile off his nervousness but you can see right through it. So when we get home the blue team is fighting and arguing because Diego and Marcus had it out in practice and now Diego is super pissed off and emotional and wants to leave the house and go home but we all talked him into staying, even our team since he pretty much hung out with our team mostly we all really liked him. The blue team seemed chaotic.

Fight Day arrives, Bedford asked me to go early with him to his fight to be his warmup partner, everyone on our team wore orange bandanas to support him since he's always wearin that damn thing lol. Bedford wins the fight with a unanamous decision in a dominating style with a great display of clinch work and ground n pound. So after the fights we have a BBQ with the coaches and Miller talks our wrestling coach Kush into drinking a whole glass of Hot tub water that all the fighters have used to cut weight in and sweated in for like $20, NOT worth it! Then Dustin Pague says he will eat a cockroach for some cash which progresses to 3 bugs fr $60 and he has to chew them up completely & wash them down with a little bit of jacuzzi water lol it was really funny you should have seen his face!

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