Arsenal FC: 5 Reasons Why David Beckham Should Sign for Arsenal

Brandon Boyer@iBrandonBoyerContributor IIIOctober 13, 2011

Arsenal FC: 5 Reasons Why David Beckham Should Sign for Arsenal

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    David Beckham is one of the most well-known names in the world, not just in the soccer world. 

    He is a marketing machine and was a part of the most successful Manchester United team to date. He has led MLS into national standing in the United States, with just his presence alone. He has inspired a generation of youth to play soccer. 

    He is the Most Interesting Man in the—oops. Wrong area. You get the picture though. David Beckham is not only a great face for soccer, he is a genuinely good talent. There is a reason why he came up through the Manchester United youth system. 

    Arsenal are in the need of a captain. A figurehead. Someone to inspire the team when they are down and lead the team to victory. Some with experience. Someone who has played at the top level. Someone who has played for the best teams in England, Spain, Italy and the United States. 

    Wait a second. 

    That sounds a little bit like David Beckham. His contract expires at the end of this MLS season. Maybe Arsenal should sign him! 


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    You can literally go walk down the street and ask someone who is the first person they think of when they think of soccer. More often than not they will say David Beckham.

    A move of someone who is as recognized and who is followed by millions upon millions of soccer fans, worldwide, would be massive for Arsenal. Not only would it boost confidence around the club for having such a high profile name added to their ranks, it would also sell out both their home and away games, because Mr. Beckham is the face of English football. 

    There would also be talks on the negative side, especially from the red half of Manchester, most likely remarking on him being a "traitor" or something along those lines. Nonetheless, it would create even more hype for Arsenal. 


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    Arsenal are in a crucial period where they not only need talent, but leaders as well. 

    Having failed to find this since the glory days of Patrick Viera's rein, I believe Beckham would be a perfect fit for this role. 

    He may not be quite as fit as he used to be, and has had his fair share of knocks in recent years, but he has led many teams. Many, high-caliber, successful teams. 

    Beckham knows the inner workings of English, Spanish, Italian and American soccer. Needless to say, he knows different styles of play and has pretty much seen it all.

    Add to the fact that he has captained an England side a few times as well, then you pretty much have a well-traveled, deeply enriched player who could lead your side back to its former glory and standing. 


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    Being brought up under the tutelage of Sir Alex Ferguson as one of Fergie's Fledglings means that the man has quite a bit of skill. 

    Not only that, he demonstrates it quite often.

    He is one of the best distributors and crossers of the ball of this current generation. He has published books on the science of how he kicks and how distributes the ball.

    It certainly is a work of art to behold. 

    Arsenal could use his vast knowledge of distribution to their advantage, with the massive amount of youthful speed they have on the wings as well as to support a goal-hungry Van Persie in dire need of proper support play. 

A Teacher

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    If there is anything the youthful Arsenal need, it is someone with experience. 

    A teacher, if you will. 

    Beckham possesses these qualities, as he has opened many camps to teach future generations of aspiring soccer players to learn as he has learned.

    This experience in teaching, as well as his experiences with so many top class teams could really be of use to the exuberant, young Arsenal, as well as a primer for those who have been there for a while. 

    I'm looking at you, Van Persie. 

Set-Piece Dominance

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    Ah, yes. What David Beckham is truly known for. 

    His free kicks.

    Yes, Beckham's set-piece ability is a thing of legends now-a-days, arguably his most legendary moment from a free kick coming against Greece in 2002.

    There has even been movie made about how great it is (albeit, a pretty bad movie). 

    Arsenal are not known for their dominance from set pieces. Sure, like most teams, they get their oft free kick in now and again, but it's not something that is consistent with them. 

    With every team Beckham has played for, every free kick has been an opportunity to score. 

    With this ability of his, Arsenal could add yet another prong to their threat to the goal mouth. Especially in games against high foul count opponents, such as Stoke City or Wolverhampton

In Conclusion...

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    David Beckham would be a phenomenon coming back to England and playing for Arsenal.

    He has trained with the team before in recent seasons and would fit into a leadership role rather snugly in the struggling Arsenal side. 

    I believe he brings the right set of tools to the table for Arsenal to really turn their season around and Arsene Wenger would be a little bit crazy to at least not think about the possibilities.