Jeff Hardy's Quest for the WWE Championship Makes for Great Television

Demetrus StokesAnalyst IDecember 4, 2008

In recent years I have been partial to Monday Night RAW.  I'll admit it.  I can't miss it!  If there is a chance that I'll miss it, I make sure that the DVR is set to record it. 

ECW and Smackdown over the years have been dull to me so it wasn't a big deal if I missed it.  I would just go online or on some wrestling website and find out what happened. 

Recently that has changed.

While I still don't watch ECW's programming every week, I do like the fact that they showcase new talent and watch it from time to time.

Smackdown is another story. 

For years I was hot and cold, but now I find that just like RAW I can't miss an episode of Smackdown.

So I've been thinking...what has changed that compels me to watch Smackdown each week? 

Besides the fact that they are showing more wrestling these days (which is a huge plus), Smackdown is doing something that I have longed for in the current era of wrestling for years....

They are actually making a superstar "work" his way to the top.  They are allowing this superstar to get opportunity after opportunity to reach "the mountain top" only to continue to fall short. 

That superstar of course is Jeff Hardy.

Jeff Hardy has done something that is unprecedented in wrestling's current era.

He has fought for the WWE Title in four consecutive pay-per-views and has fallen short each time. 

Any other wrestler by now would have either become champion or fallen out of the title picture. 

Hardy gets a fifth opportunity to win the title at Armageddon. 

I hope he falls short of the "brass ring" again. 

Not because I don't want to see Hardy become WWE Champion but because I love the build up to him finally winning the WWE Championship.  It makes me tune in to Smackdown each week.  

This takes me back to the golden days of the '80s and some parts of the '90s.

Remember when guys had to work their way up the ranks?  When guys had to become Intercontinental Champ and then finally reach glory and the WWE Championship? 

Sorry John Cena and Edge but the fact that they both were out months due to injury and come back and win the belts in their first match is ridiculous. 

What had they done to deserve a title shot?  They hadn't been in a match in months. 

As a fan, each time Hardy falls short it disappoints you almost as much as it does him.

Will he ever do it?  Can he win the "big one?" You ask yourself this question just as much as he does. 

That's what makes me watch week after week.  To see what obstacle will be thrown in Hardy's way to stop his quest. 

These types of storylines are helping Smackdown catch up with RAW in terms of show quality.   

Let's just hope that Hardy realizes he dream and grabs the "brass ring."

But not until Wrestlemania.