THE BCS- Turning a Great Sport into an Exhibition

Ryan RaberContributor IDecember 4, 2008

My wife once asked me how I couldn't possibly like the Olympics as much as her.  I said because there wasn't enough sport, and there were too many exhibitions. 

This of course led to the definition of a sport. It is more simple than many think.  A sport must include two vital attributes: someone playing DEFENSE, and an objective scoring system. 

Even for my love of golf, it is a GAME, not a sport.  It involves skill, coordination, and a competitive instinct.  Being athletic HELPS (Tiger physique), but it is not prerequisite (John Daly physique).  However... no one plays defense.  But I digress...

What a mess this BCS is.  People need to 'define the debate' as they share their opinion.  When it comes to splitting ties and ranking and such,  there is a difference between who is 'playing the best,' and who is 'most deserving.' 

If Florida wins, the mess gets even WORSE.  One fanbase will look at marqee wins, one might look to body of work, one may look to momentum, and yet others may look at meeting expectations. 

I think the proper way to assess the participants is by assessing the merits of the lone loss each player attained. As big a Texas fan as I am, the notion on some blogs has them playing OU if Florida wins a close one... and that would be CRIMINAL to the SEC champs.

Mind you, I won't cry for long.  And it may happen. 

Florida will pick up some, but not nearly enough ground in the computers.  Their conference mates REALLY hosed them last week!  You have 12-1 Oklahoma, 11-1 Texas, 12-1 Florida... then 11-1 USC, 12-1 Alabama, 11-1 Texas Tech, and 11-1 Penn State.

The BCS game in Miami discussion truthfully stops after the top three.  With OU and Texas owning 1-2 in the computers (in a perversion of sorts, now Texas beating OU looks even better), Florida would have to be NEAR unanimous in the human polls to make up the ground. 

Seeing as a couple coaches ALREADY have OU No. 1, and many more will fully be aware that Texas has beaten them by 10. THEN, some may consider that despite being WHITE hot, Florida's home loss to an unranked (but good) team is unforgivable. Splitting it somewhat is going to happen.

All I am saying is that at LEAST these three, and in many ways 'Bama (potential loss too late) and USC (loss to unranked team, and soft schedule), all belong in the discussion. The magnitude of the Tech loss is what eliminates them—though THEY SHOULD be in the discussion.  Under current rules, only two can play—and no matter if they pick the best, hottest, or most deserving... everyone else will have a legit beef.

College Football is OFFICIALLY now an exhibition... not a sport. This thought makes me want to vomit in my own mouth, but it is happening.  Speaking of criminal, Ohio State getting the nod over 12-0 Boise State based on business sense and not on field achievement doesn't quite smell right either, but book it. (And another BCS loss!)