2009 NBA Dunk Contest: Filling in The Holes

Brett FulmoreCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

With Dwight Howard's and Rudy Gay's reluctantcy to participate in this year’s dunk contest, and Jamario Moon playing like the 12th man on a WNBA roster this season, we’ve taken it upon ourselves at Ball Above the Border to find some worthy replacements for three of the competitors from last season.

We’re assuming that Gerald Green will accept an invitation if he gets one, because let's be honest, what else is he good for? Plus you know he’s been crossing out days on his calendar since last year’s contest.

Seriously, he has. I've seen the red marker. 

Anyways, onto the prospective dunkers:

Russell Westbrook - OKC Thunder

Bill Walker - Boston Celtics

Nick Young - Washington Wizards

You'll have to check out Ball Above the Border if you want to peep the rest of our suggestions, but make sure to come back and give us your thoughts on our picks. Feel like someone got snubbed? Let me have it.