Bound for Glory?: Hulk Hogan & Sting Should Blow off Their Match & Head to WWE

Ryan DearboneCorrespondent IOctober 12, 2011

It's a matchup that would have electrified audiences worldwide 10 years ago... hell, 20 years ago. But now? Who really wants to see a 58-year-old Hulk Hogan stiffly move around a ring with a Sting character that is slightly younger but just as beat-up?

TNA is the only place that would likely embrace this matchup nowadays. It's a kick-back to the nostalgia of WCW when it was good. Just like they did with Flair and Sting a couple of months ago. But that match fell so flat you would have thought you were looking at Flair's bank account. I prefer to remember their last match on the last episode of Nitro before WWE announced that it had bought the company. So what makes anyone think the clearly mortal Hulk Hogan and Sting can do much better?

Since Kurt Angle-versus-Bobby Roode is the main event match for the evening, that further proves to me that this match is one that doesn't have to happen. Wrestling honks will surely forgive these two if they decide over a Metamucil milkshake that it's time to bail. But if they want one last shot at "Glory", here's how they should attempt it.

In November, drive up to Madison Square Garden (the mecca of sports entertainment) and take part in WWE Survivor Series. For Hulk it'll be like old times, and for Sting it would be a great way to introduce himself to the WWE audience. With the company running the whole Pro-WWE vs Anti-WWE angle right now it makes since.

You put Hogan on the team that's supposed to consist of Rock, Cena, Triple H, and CM Punk and put Sting with the guys who apparently have a problem with the WWE. Just think how cool that would be to see the lions of WWE for the past 30 years standing side by side in one ring for one night. That's history!!!

A moment like that would give Hogan the chance to be the red-and-yellow God he was when we were all growing up one more time. He can fight for the company that made him the icon of the '80s. His last run in WWE back in the late 2000 (sans the lame "Mr. America") gimmick was one of the highlights of the decade. He had two classic matches with the Rock, grabbed the WWE championship again and gave all of the Hulkamanics—new and old—something to remember. How about one more for the road?

In Sting's case it would allow him a run that could lead to him being a part of Wrestlemania and quite possibly joining the Hall of Fame. Sting has always resisted the temptation to join the WWE so it would make sense to see him rail against the faces of the brand he never wanted to be part of. He would be a good leader into battle for young dogs like Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger, and Cody Rhodes.

As far as match quality goes, it would be a much better choice because then you take the pressure off of Sting and Hulk to carry a match. Rather you let the other guys do the heavy lifting and then the two legends get to hit their "money" moves and send the crowd home deliriously happy.

Prayerfully, Sting and Hulk won't be teasing a match 10 years from now with any other promotion. Instead, they'll be sitting on the beach in Florida drinking pina coladas and watching the waves crash against the sand. But if they were smart, they'd do as I say and make their last run count and not waste it on a TNA PPV that will only serve to hurt their legacy.