The Minnesota Court System Loves Their Vikings

Bleacher Report Analyst IDecember 4, 2008

                           I Hold This Truth To Be Self Evident: GO VIKINGS!

I am absolutely fascinated by what is going on in Minnesota right now, and I really wish more people were paying attention to it. So if you weren’t here it is...

Minnesota Judge Gary Larson has filed a temporary restraining order on behalf of Kevin and Pat Williams until he could have more time to hear both sides’ arguments in the case. You might be wondering what a restraining order has to do with any of this. Well here’s your answer:

The restraining order will temporarily block the suspension of the Williamses until more Minnesota Judges deem that the suspension is fair. That’s right ladies and gentlemen; a Minnesota Judge has just shot life back into the Minnesota Vikings defense.

Now, aside from being one of the wildest things I’ve ever seen happen in the US court system, this decision has already sent shockwaves through the NFL.

Within hours of hearing Judge Larson’s verdict, the NFL filed a lawsuit in the US District Court of Minneapolis. This means that with the series of appeals that will likely follow; not only has this become totally out of the NFL’s hands, but it also means that the odds of the Williamses missing games this season have become almost totally out of the picture.

Making this situation even funnier is the fact that Judge Gary Larson shares the name of Gary Larson; one of the most critically acclaimed cartoonists and comedians of our time and famed author and illustrator of “The Far Side.” The other Gary Larson just got plenty of new material.

I have no idea how this happened, and I am genuinely fascinated and amused by the fact that it did. But there is one thing I would like to say about this: I hope this is being done for the right reasons.

For as long as I have known what substances were on the banned substances list, I have been vehemently against it. I have said that the NFL disallows Sudafed and asthmatic medications so many times that I sound like a broken record.

But we have also heard that the committee that is supposed to help keep players off banned substances often doesn’t return phone calls (according to the accounts of numerous NFL players including Vikings’ standout receiver Bernard Berrian).

If the Minnesota court system is doing it for that reason, then I am totally for everything that is happening right now. After all, it is up to the US Courts to correct flaws in the system.

If however, this Judge is acting as a Vikings fan who just wants to see his team make the playoffs for the first time in a handful of years; then this may go down as one of the wildest acts of the legal system that I have ever seen.

Either way though; nothing beats seeing Roger Goodell drive to the lane, only to get his shot swatted by the US Court system.