WWE Vengeance 2011: Why Triple H and CM Punk Are a Perfect Team

Donald WoodFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2011

Triple H and CM Punk had one of the wildest matches in WWE history when they battled at Night of Champions, but now the former foes have to become allies for their match at Vengeance.

While Triple H has been relieved of his duties as COO of the WWE, the storyline revolving over the fight for power is far from over.

It has become very obvious that John Laurinaitis was behind all of the problems the WWE faced at Hell in a Cell, and his plan to become the new COO has come to fruition.

Now as the acting COO, Laurinaitis has decided to hire back the recently fired R-Truth and The Miz and pit them against Triple H and CM Punk.

Will Punk and Triple H be able to work together? You betcha!

The animosity between Punk and Triple H is still there, but they both are fighting for the same cause and will work together to take down what is being viewed as the heel COO.

Punk is one of the biggest stars in the company right now and Triple H is one of the biggest stars the business has ever seen, and the combination the duo could breed would be a whole new order of wrestling visionaries.

While this is all thrown together a bit haphazardly by the WWE, we are now seeing the official build up of alliances for a giant Survivor Series main event.

Some fans may think that this is a convoluted way to handle the buildup to Survivor Series, at least the WWE is making a concerted effort to show that there really is a storyline that they are following.

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