WWE: 7 Story Lines That Were Completely Wasted

A.D. Christian VitaleCorrespondent IIOctober 12, 2011

WWE: 7 Story Lines That Were Completely Wasted

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    How many times have we seen a story line within the WWE that has the potential to be amazing, but turns out to be nothing? Too many times, I’m afraid.

    Today I am here to list seven recent story lines that were wasted by WWE. These story lines are ones that have been used within the past two years.

    Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Tyson Kidd’s Managers

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    I would like to start out this article by discussing a story line that might not have been well known to many people.

    Several months ago, Tyson Kidd debuted a new manager week after week that would accompany him to his matches.

    While this did not last long, it reminded people of a time where managers were a key aspect within the WWE. Managers helped develop talent and push them to the next level.

    The WWE realized the potential of reviving the manager position and soon gave us Vickie Guerrero. Too bad they didn’t figure it out in time to help Tyson Kidd.


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    When Nexus debuted, fans were immediately abuzz. Never before had rookies united and demolished an entire roster of veteran talent. We wondered if they would be pushed to the top.

    They were.

    They were shot into a high profile feud with John Cena and Randy Orton. After months of going after the main event Superstars, Nexus leader Wade Barrett was put into a WWE Championship Match against Randy Orton at Survivor Series 2010.

    On that night, John Cena refereed with the added stipulation that if Wade Barrett lost, Cena would be fired. Many fans felt that this was a perfect way to get Barrett the title. However, it was just not meant to be.

    Randy Orton retained the title, John Cena was fired (for a week or so) and Wade Barrett would slowly decline out of the main event. I still wonder what would have been if Barrett won that match.

New Nexus vs. The Corre

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    When Wade Barrett was removed as the leader of Nexus, CM Punk took the reigns. After Punk put forth challenges to the “New” Nexus members, some quit the group and joined Wade Barrett on Smackdown.

    Wade Barrett soon formed a new group called, “The Corre”. On an episode of RAW this past January, we saw these two groups stand toe to toe. The potential for a clash between these two teams could have happened on the grandest stage of them all.

    Sadly, the storyline never went any further.

Who Was Behind the Text?

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    The story of Kevin Nash, Triple H and CM Punk was an interesting one. At Summerslam, Kevin Nash attacked CM Punk and cost him the WWE Championship.

    Triple H was confused and questioned why Nash interfered. Nash explained that he received a text message from an old friend asking him to do a favor. CM Punk jumped in claiming that it was Triple H who sent the message, but Triple H denied the accusation.

    Who was telling the truth? Who sent the message? Who is conspiring against Triple H?

    All of these questions were buzzing around for weeks until the anti-climatic finish, where it was revealed Nash sent the text to himself.

    I was outraged. The one storyline that they could have easily built off of was thrown out in one instant.

Anonymous RAW GM

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    On June 21, 2010, it was revealed that RAW would have an anonymous GM run the show via email messages to Michael Cole.

    While it had its perks in the beginning, it began to get stale extremely quickly. The RAW GM got a special podium with a computer, sound effects, lighting effects and, at one point, a digital voice!

    Obviously, you knew WWE was not prepared to announce who the GM was so they dragged the story line out as long as they could.

    After Punk’s shoot promo, the GM chime-in ceased. With Johnny Ace now the new interim GM, the anonymous GM is officially gone, leaving us guessing their identity to this day.

Triple H vs. Sheamus / The Undertaker vs. Wade Barrett

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    Before the return of Triple H and Undertaker occurred, many fans were in agreement that these two legends would clash against the men who put them on the shelf: Sheamus and Wade Barrett.

    When 2/21/11 finally arrived, Triple H and Undertaker returned for their epic stare down. But wait, what happened to the people they were supposed to feud with?

    Sheamus was stuck competing in a dark match and Wade Barrett was on the losing side in a match with fellow Corre members. I can only imagine the place these two stars would have been if history were a little different.

Guest Host

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    Probably the biggest wasted storyline opportunities came from the Guest Host concept. Each week, a new ‘Guest Host’ would come and be in charge of RAW for the night. The idea was that having a celebrity be a part of the show would help the ratings.

    For the first few weeks, it was exciting to see various stars come out. After a few months though, it began getting pathetic. These stars would come to the show just to promote something and hardly ever added anything positive in return.

    It took valuable time away from Superstars who needed it and that, to me, is the biggest waste of all.


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