Introducing the Next WWE Chief Operating Officer: Mick Foley (It Might Happen)

Ryan DearboneCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2011

Can you just hear it?


Then out walks Mick Foley as his music blares from the loud speakers.

Foley waddles down the ring in his classic plaid shirt with a Cactus Jack t-shirt underneath. He's then announced as the NEW Chief Operating Officer of the WWE. It can happen...and I think it will.

Sure John "Johnny Ace" Laurinaitis is the new COO, but that won't last. While Johnny Ace will definitely be a good character, his purpose could be all but used up after Survivor Series. You have to figure the super team that will likely be Cena, Rock, Triple H, CM Punk and a superstar to be named later will kick the tar out of the anti-WWE group.

Most of the WWE marks have all but figured out that Ace is behind this mutiny, so it would seem that his position would be on the line in the match.

But when Ace loses his position, Triple H likely won't try to get it back, I have a feeling he'll be too busy facing off against Vince and Laurinaitis for their roles in costing him the job in the first place. This is where the WWE Board of Trustees comes in. It's like Vince said on Raw this past Monday, no McMahon will run the company. The Board will instead decide to hand off the position to Foley based on his prior position of Commissioner of the WWE as well as the fact he's liked in the locker room.

Foley has said in multiple interviews (including this one with "Opie and Anthony") that he plans to return to WWE at some point. He has said he's not sure in what capacity and for that matter, how much he would want to wrestle when he does return. This would be a perfect to bring him back in an important role with the company, but not a physically demanding one. Foley is still a draw and can bring some much needed pop to the current product.

I think he would fit in perfectly as the new COO of the WWE. Now, lets see if the "E" agrees with me.