Coach's Buyouts...We Should All Be So Lucky!

Damon WildmanCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2008

Man Oh Man!! Those poor coaches!!

Get fired and be awarded two or three years' salary for it! For doing a bad job!!!

Can you see the average working Joe lazing around on the job, half-ass working, doing a bad job, getting let go by the boss man, and receiving two years' salary for his trouble?!

We should all be so lucky!

Can you imagine Joe applying for a factory job and the employer telling him, "Well I think we will take a chance on hiring you, and for good measure, if you don't work out, we will pay you two years' salary." "But...if you decide to leave for a better or higher paying job you will have to pay us your two-year salary for leaving."

It just doesn't happen for us average Joe's and Mary's of the world. You screw up too much, your butt is sent packing! Walked out the door and getting the back pay that they were withholding on you come next payday on Friday.

If you are lucky, you can get unemployment from the state while you look for another job. Just don't take too long or that measly check will dry up.

These buyouts are stupid. There is no such thing as job security in the real world, and in reality, there isn't in college football, nor should there be. If you don't do the job you are being hired to do, then your employer has every right to fire your ass!

On the same note, if you happen to be offered a more lucrative job or a job that has more prestige, then you should have the right to pursue it without being penalized.

I like the way the University of Alabama and coach Nick Saban did his contract. Which I think that had to do more with coach Saban than the University, being that they paid coach Shula a severance buyout when they fired him. Coach Saban has no buyout clause in his contract. Nor should there be one!

If coach Saban fails to do his job then the University should have every right to let him go without paying him a cent beyond the time that he had already put in. If coach Saban is not happy at Bama, then he should have the right to look for employment elsewhere if he so chooses, without having to pay basically what he had already put time in back.

I think these buyouts show insecurity on both parts, the coaches and the employers.

How many of you think if not for Charlie Weis's monster buyout, however much it is, he would be in the unemployment line with Tubs and Fulmer? 

I think these buyouts promote laziness also. I think that's what happened to Tuberville.

He, instead of like Coach Saban getting down and dirty teaching the kids on the field working his butt off, got to the point of delegating the dirty work to assistant coaches while he sat back and reaped the rewards and accolades, doing nothing much but supervising.

Most everyone knows of that lazy employee who kisses the boss' butt when he's around and takes the credit and promotions while he meanwhile puts the real work off on to somebody else. Someone who works hard to make the employer money but never gets anything other than their paycheck come Friday.

After a while, that hard working employee starts to resent that fact and starts letting their productivity slide. Then it becomes the blame game as to why the company's profits are down from previous times. Then come the layoffs and the company's failure.

Tubby got lazy!! And I think it would be fair to say Fulmer did too!!

Saban on the other hand is out there working his butt off 24-7 to do his job and do it well. He leads his fellow assistant coaches by example. He is getting his hands dirty in all aspects of his job description and is earning his money. He has become an asset to his employer.

Saban ain't out duck hunting while his assistants are out trying to persuade recruits to come to their school!

There is no amount of a buyout clause that could make up for his contributions to the Bama program. Urban Meyer is the same also!

As is in the real world every other company out there that is struggling is looking at the companies that are thriving. They want to emulate the successful company's success and what better way to do that than to hire away the successful company's employee.

Hence the high salary of a Saban or Meyer! They are worth every penny they make. They make their own job security, not negotiate for it with a buyout.

In reality, a buyout guarantees no one a victory. Except for lazy coaches. All the way to the bank!

I wish I was lucky enough to have been a coach with one of those high buyouts. I probably would suck as a coach myself! I already suck as an average Joe!! Just I don't have a buyout!!!