Worst Oversells in WWE History

Jerry Sanchez@jerrysan_3Correspondent IOctober 15, 2011

Worst Oversells in WWE History

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    The wrestling business. We all know the truth, obviously; it's scripted, however not fake. So every match that we've seen, the wrestlers know what they should be doing at the time they should be performing the act. Sometimes there are botches, or a screw up, and sometimes the wrestlers sell a move so bad that it's unbelievable a person would buy that. Here are some of the funniest sells in WWE history that I have found. Enjoy!

619 Sell

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    In this video we see JBL vs Rey Mysterio. Now poor, little Rey is on the turnbuckle of the ring and JBL has a chair. You think it's over for Rey right? Wrong. He kicks the chair colliding with JBL's face and well, the rest  can be seen in the video.

    JBL was in no position to go where he did and him standing up then falling down made matters look worse!

Batista Flop

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    Now here you see John Cena about to be Batista Bombed by none other than Batista. Then out of nowhere comes out Mark Henry and I leave you with that.

    Batista can't sell better than Chris Bosh or Cristiano Ronaldo!

Cody Oversells to the Max!

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    Here you see Cody Rhodes going in for a moonsault. Now when he misses, it's probably one of the most exaggerated sells of all time!

    And sorry about Justin Timberlake's music. This was the only good video I could find on him!

Chirs Selling Like a Master

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    Here is someone familiar: Chris Masters. I believe he is facing Drew McIntyre and as he's reaching for him, Drew counters. I believe Masters forgot what he should be doing.

    There is no audio to this video!

Shawn Michaels Mocking Hogan

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    Shawn Michaels tried way to hard to make Hulk Hogan look good. He practically oversells each and every move that's done on him.

    Yet it was reported from wrestlinggonewrong.com that

    During the 2005 WWE Summerslam pay-per-view on August 21 at the MCI Center in Washington, D.C., a match between Hulk Hogan and Shawn Michaels was set to headline the show!

    Rumor has it that a two match series between the legends was set to take place with each person winning at least once. However, after it was planned for Hogan to win the first match, he backed out of the second citing a knee injury that was "acting up."

    Realizing that he was getting the short end of the deal, it is said the Shawn then got revenge by his actions in the ring.

    Is this an act of revenge, or perhaps its a classic example of a heel making a face look really, really powerful. We may never know.

    However, it's hilarious!

The Rock Gets Carried Away

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    Two legends in The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock seems to be dominating for a while and as he goes for a clothesline, Stone Cold reverses and Stunners him. Then The Rock just pulls a Cody Rhodes before it was the Cody Rhodes.

Hogan Doesn't Sell Enough

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    Hogan comes back again but this time against the Phenom, The Undertaker.

    On a chokeslam, Taker attempts to pick him however, Hogan has different intentions. Who knows what he was thinking? He didn't oversell but neither did he actually sell.

Evan Bourne Does Air Bourne!

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    Right here, I have no idea if this was a live show or a dark match; but Evan Bourne gets ready to do his finisher. I also have no clue to who he actually did the move to yet the guy overselled to the max! 

    And also look at Kofi Kingston close to the end of this video!

Miz's Turn Against Rey

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    Mysterio comes again and this time the Miz is the one to oversell. Rey is caught by the Miz and as he reverses, his little move shows how weak it was and Miz goes flying out because he's awesome.

The Worst Overseller Ever...

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    That title belongs to Bubba Ray Dudley or Brother Ray. Whatever name you use, he's completely horrible! There's no montage to show all of his horrible oversells however here's one of them. You can also view them through the power that it YouTube.


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    Well there's actually not many oversells as there are botches yet it is hilarious looking at these and wondering what the superstar was thinking when he oversold.

    If you have any videos that you'd love to share with me or the readers, please do so by sending the link to the video!

    I now leave with none other than Bubba Ray.